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    Is there an easier way to switch to another character then clicking log out and typing in your password again? If so please tell me.

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    GWOnline.Net Member Uzrahil's Avatar

    Nope. They won't make it easier either, for security reasons.

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    the idea is, if you are playing on a public/shared computer, and you walk away, the public/your siblings can only blow away all the gold/items on one char instead of your whole account.

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    Rightclick the shortcut on your desktop, go to properties

    It will say something like this with "target" or whatever it is in english

    "Z:\Program Files whatever\Guild Wars\Gw.exe"

    Now add this:

    Whenever you start gw now you'll immediatly go to the charselection screen. When you log out in GW you'll also go directly to charselection.

    Will make it easier to lose your account though so eh be careful


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    Alright, thanks...I think ill play it safe.

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