Most of you have probably noticed by now that the forums are acting very oddly, going on 2 or 3 days now.

Replies, and sometimes new threads, are being multiplied by large ammounts or simply doubled.

While we try to sort this mess out, we are doing our best to keep the forums in shape, but with hundreds of posts being made every hour, and a high reoccurence of this problem apparant, this is taking a lot of time and patience to work with.

That said, please do not send me PM's about you accidently double posting. In these cases, you arnt double posting...the forum is.... Please DO send me reports via the report post feature, whenever you spot any double posts. This is the most concise and efficient way for me to deal with the problem, as my PM box will feel quickly if you handle it that route. Please do not send me PMs! Use the report feature, thankyou so much if you do!

Also, while we have not figured out the problems or specific events causeing the double posts, it may be related to such thigns as a 'white screen' informing you of a database error and telling you to refresh. I have tried this myself and find that when I see that, I am guaranteed a double post (though the doubling happens without it as well). If you see that screen do not hit refresh. When I have done that, those are the cases where the doubling of posts have turned into 4...then 6....then 8 and more and more. So avoid hititng the refresh!

Last, but not least, please do not edit your posts that have been doubled. There are so many of these that I simply scan through and delete all the extras. If i see a post that has bene altered to joke around about the double postings, I might accidently leave it, thinking it is a new discussion point. I'm not saying to not edit your content, but if you do, make sure you edit the FIRST post you have of all the multiples, otherwise I might delete your commentary inadvertently.

Thankyou for your understanding and enjoy the forums.....