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    Which rune do you leave out?

    Hey all,

    Found a sup vigor rune yesterday which has left me with a bit of a dilemma. Assuming you use a sup vigor in one of your armor slots and a sup rune of the type for the mask that you are using, what are the other three runes you use in your armor. I realize that if you are always using the same set of skills this is an easy question, but how about if you are constantly adapting your build for the task at hand. Or an alternative way of phrasing it and how the poll is set up, which, probably minor, rune do you leave out of your armor?

    Hopefully that makes sense, and thanks for the input in advance. Sorry if this has been discussed many times, but I can't seem to access the search function.


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    From what you said, it sounds like the way you're doing it leaves you with a redundant minor rune- i.e. you might have a Superior Marksmanship in your mask and a Minor Marksmanship in your chestpiece.

    I just use a different armor set for every attribute. Vigor always goes in the headgear, and the four different attributes go in the four body spots. I also arrange them so that the same attribute is always on the same body part, so I can switch out my major or superior for a minor if I have a high DP. (For example, if I'm using my Wilderness Survival armor set with a superior WS in the chest, and I die twice and get bumped down to -30 DP, I can swap in the chestpiece from my marksmanship armor set, which has a minor WS in it, and get some much-needed health.)

    Granted, my system is pretty inefficient- I have to buy a full armor set for each attribute, whereas you can just swap out your mask to change attributes.

    Back on topic... don't use a minor rune for the attribute that you use the least when it isn't your main attribute. For example, if you only ever use Beastmastery skills when you're using a beastmaster build, skimp on the minor Beastmastery rune. Likewise, if you don't use Wilderness Survival in any of your Marksmanship or Beastmastery builds, don't use a minor WS rune. You should definitely have a minor Marksmanship and Expertise rune, since those are useful in most builds.

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    Here's a smart way to do this (credits - me and probably 300k other players).

    1) Vigor goes into the vest. It's the most prominent/expensive part of an armor set, so you don't ever want to change it.
    2) 4 masks carry 3+1 points for each attribute. Choose one mask to be "master", say, Marksmanship 3+1.
    4) Boots, gloves, leggings now get each a minor rune, say, boots/expertise, gloves/wilderness, legs/beast. This is a master set.
    5) Extra boots/gloves/legs now need to each have +1 Marks. These are backups.

    So your master set gives you +4 to Marks and +1 to each remaining.
    Suppose you want to switch to Wilderness for trapping. You put on a 3+1 Wilderness mask and replace gloves with backup. Now you get +4 to Wild, and +1 to each remaining.

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    Personally I would find it more useful to put a vigor rune in one of your body armor slots (that way if you constantly use druids armor for instance you don't need a vigor rune for a marksmanship based build (marksmans helm), an expertise based build (expertise helm), etc., thereby allowing you to recycle that armor piece across all armor/stat configurations).

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    Since ranger runes are so cheap, I just buy new ones whenever i have to change them. (around 250g)
    just change based on w/e your build is at the time.

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    Why do so many people do it this way?

    For flexibility, vigor goes into your mask. This way, no matter what mask you wear, you can manipulate attributes dealing with +1s. Alternatively, with a superior rune in your mask, you deal with +4s. It's like trying to dial numbers with your fist instead of your finger. Altering builds in increments of 4s rather than 1s severely limits your fine attribute adjustment.

    After that, all of your other runes go into all of your other pieces of armor.

    If all of your builds use extreme attribute levels (meaning, all of your builds have a 16 in them), then having +4 masks isn't really a problem. If, however, you want to use a more well rounded build in special situations, you encounter a problem and an attribute shortage.


    Your way
    13 Expertise: 12+1 (minor)
    12 W.Survival: 8+1+3 (mask + superior)
    11 Marksmanship: 10+1 (minor)

    My way
    13 Expertise: 10+3 (superior)
    12 W.Survival: 11+1 (minor)
    12 Marksmanship: 10+1+1 (mask + minor)

    See the difference?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Archegonia Mnium
    Why do so many people do it this way?
    I'm guessing it has something to do with the cost of three sup vigors. Personally, this is my first GW character and luckily I found mine or I wouldn't even have the one I have.

    Thanks for the input all, I am going to follow Oles suggestion, which I actually figured out about 3 min after posting here. Now I just have to scrap together the money to buy that extra set of armor.

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    Quote Originally Posted by clerictulani
    I'm guessing it has something to do with the cost of three sup vigors.
    You mean compared to the price of two sets of obsidian armor? We're obviously on two different wavelengths here.

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    GWOnline.Net Member Iorek Valr's Avatar

    He means its just daft tripling up on the most expensive rune when you can do the same thing using cheep sup runes in the masks at the cost of like 1 point in whatever.

    Personally I use sup masks and just switch em round, I hardly ever use Beastmastery so I just leave that run out, and if I am using it, its like 1 point i'm missing, I can live with that.

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    Not everyone cares about obsideon armor (in fact I barely care about superior vigors - until the 'recent' (in loose terms) price crash they were beyond my reach anyway).

    I also tend to 'double' my masks to give a 'major' set as well will gloves also duplicated with majors. The only thing my ranger can't currently do is set to an all minors set, but that is no biggy for virtually any build, and if I did want to have more headpieces to get a totally minor set, there are collectors scattered around the desert that are easy enough to get the items for...

    In this way 13 12 12 could be made using 10 +major+mask 10 +major 11+minor, giving 5hp more than the superior rune setup listed earlier...
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