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    I forgot one author for my favorites coloumn: Rudyard Kipling. The man had a wonderful gift for dialogue and description, and was quite a poet as well. My copy of The Jungle Books is heavily worn.

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    Oh yeah....I almost forgot about Louis Von Sacher-Masoch, author of Venus in Furs. Sure he can be stuffy and Victorian, but the book is a really interesting foray in the psychology of masochism (note that "masochism" is derived from "Masoch"). Also, for those of us with sick minds (ie me), it's really really funny.
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    I'm new to the Fan Fic Forum (hmm F cubed?) and I'm greatly encouraged by both the content and the constructive criticism here. I'll be sure to announce my first posting.

    My favorite authors (and why):
    JRR Tolkien - A living breathing world with enough depth to believe it could actually exist.
    Robert Jordan - Various flawed heroes like Sparhawk whom I would call a knight in tarnished armor, but not to his face.
    John Steakly - For the way his book Armor focused on the character and not the technology of a futuristic soldier in a bloody war.
    RA Salvatore - He took the game of D&D and made it come alive through the eyes of one elf who dared to go his own way. I love lone wolf kind of characters who aren't afraid to march to their own beat.
    Tom Clancy - Stories that are just real enough to be scarry and make me wonder what is realy going on.
    J. M. Straczynski - Believable characters, convincing villians.
    David Wingrove - Great character development with villians I loved hating and heroes I loved seeing win. Plots within plots a good read for sure.

    Other influences:
    Star Trek (TOS, TNG, DS9)
    BattleStar Galactica (the new one not the old)
    Various Anime (Gundam, Evangelion, DBZ)

    Writing Peeves (if you ever catch me doing this, shoot me):
    Monty Haul - Characters with cool stuff is fine, but giving them the world?
    Invincible Characters - The idea is to thrash them around and hope you feel for their plight.
    Perfect Characters - No body is perfect period, and especially not heroes.
    Stupid Villians - This is my biggest peeve. Villians don't live long enough to become really powerful and dangerous by being stupid

    Dealing with Writer's Block:
    Listening to Music, read off topic, go to a movie, hang out with friends, take my wife on a date. Basically anything that gets me away from the computer.

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    The community is coming along nicely from the days when I first posted. It used to be Jade keeping it alive all on her lonesome. Its good to see other voices and other styles on here. Nice not to be just a whisper in the dark! Everyday now I see up to 24 people browsing this area, which is up from the 4-5 I remember. Also fun to see different influences on people and also the similarities.

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    Sorry, off-topic. Sonicpollution - You watched Firefly? =)

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    Wow. I guess since we al write here, we are bound to have some common influences... So here I go, echoing many of you..

    Favourite Authors (and Why)

    Steven R. Donaldson- for being able to mingle the here and now with the far away and imagined, with such delightfully imperfect people. He was one of the first fantasy authors I read.

    J.R.R. Tolkien- After starting to play D&D many moons ago, I had to understand where it all came from. WOW, to think some thought this man's work was undeserving of being recognized as a classic.

    Margaret Weis and Tracey Hickman- good tales set in lands I was familiar with after playing in the DragonLance campaigns. Entertaining romps, and overall lots of fun. Fan Fic done commercially :-)

    Anne McCaffrey- Amazing worlds, wonderful characters, and love the way she bridged fantasy and sci-fi in her Pern books.

    R. A. Salvatore- again, great romps, and great characters

    Anne Bishop- great at taking very powerful characters and still making us want to read about them. Also very dark at times, and sometimes fantasy needs that.

    Frank Herbert- classified as Sci fi, I think he can inspire fanstasy writers in the way his Dune works are so epic and almost mythological. Best planning of a world (hell a whole lot of them).

    Charles Sheffield- the way he mixes so many different characters, and makes the science seem real, all while still keeping us engaged.

    and so many more that my post would be WAY too long. Suffice to say I read mainly sci-fi and fantasy, but also horror, espianage, romance (yes, the long bodice rippers, I am female after all), and mainstream fiction. About only thing I have not read much are westerns, as the characters often don't seem real enough.

    Other Influences:
    Gaming of course
    Multiple TV series (Babylon 5, Start Trek, CSI) that show excellent plot development and characters
    Any of the over 5 careers I've had, along with multiple diverse interests

    Writing Peeves:
    Use of extraneous and excessively esoteric verbiage
    Characters that are too perfect or too bland
    Worlds that have not been thought out
    Sci fi with bad science

    Dealing With Writers Block:
    Go read someone elses's stuff
    Watch a movie
    Play games

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tavari Tinde
    Sonicpollution - You watched Firefly? =)
    I'm a huge Browncoat...by which I mean I'm a huge Firefly nerd.

    Veering backc on topic, I suppose that show influenced me a fair bit, since it revolved more around the way the (many) characters interacted with each other, and less crazy action/violence/explosions, which is precisely why it's so powerful, and precisely why it was canceled (or so I assume ). Basically I love characters...to the point where I struggle to write stories instead of character sketches.
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    Hey Prophetic Warrior...Sparhawk is written from David Eddings not Robert Jordan.

    Anyways. I dont write but I read....a lot.

    Favourite Authors

    Robert Jordan: Writes very flawed heros and very evil bad guys. Paints beautiful landscapes in your mind. Keeps enough on the go to keep you interested. But tends to drag things out.

    David Eddings: Fun to read. Easy stories with nice character development.

    RA Salvatore: Awesome fight discriptions. Great character development.

    Dragonlance: Mostly read the stuff by Weiss and Hickman. Very flawed heros with the take on flawed villians. You have good guys going bad and bad going good. keeps you guessing at all times.

    Guy Gavriel Kay: Great story development. Keeps you interested all the way through. Has some significant references to modern day mythology.
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    enteiri, Thanks for the correction. Of course you are quite correct. For some reason I completely brain dumped on that one.

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    hmm... interesting to see some of the influences (the Ayn Rand one took me by surprise; I find her writing style to be rather poor, but that's just personal taste, and in any case, I have been heavily influenced by her philosophy of objectivism, if not by her fictional storylines. Also, although entertained by his books, I was less than impressed by Tolkein's writing when I read his work in middle school. Maybe I should revisit it?). Anyway, here goes nothing.

    My favorite authors (and why):
    Daniel Keys Moran - I've only read one short story (the one I've mentioned before, called "The Last One Standing: The Tale of Boba Fett" found in the collection "Star Wars: Tales of the Bounty Hunters". But the way he wrote... you can see a lot of its influences in my own writing. Highly highly recommended: I'm sure you can read it in one sitting (granted, one rather long sitting) if you visit your local bookstore or library and ask for it

    Again, Orson Scott Card, as with many others here. My own explanation is that Card has incredibly well-rounded writing: he knows how to pace action throughout his books, he can embrace and explore ideologies without sounding like a lecturer, and he knows how to draw a reader into an otherwise dull scenes with passive characters, environment descriptions, or discussions. And his plots and characters are usually very well developed so that everything fits together like a puzzle with no missing pieces (even pieces that readers would have otherwise missed).

    T. H. White in "The Once and Future King." The best rendition of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. Or, to be more fair, the best romanticized rendition of Lancelot du Lac. I have yet to meet a more sentimental tragic hero that well done.

    Last, but certainly not least... the first - and one of the most notable - factors that sparked my interest in fanfiction was the Final Fantasy VIII fanfiction called "Purgatio". I would copy the text from the site, change it to size 8 font, Times New Roman, expand the margins to .25 inch on each side, divide it into two columns, and print it front and back :D Even with all that formatting to minimize the printing, it remains in a stack, hundreds of pages thick, on my bookshelf back at home.

    The most remarkable thing is that, IMO, FFVIII wasn't even a great story*. But that darned fanfiction made me fall in love with it anyway. With incredibly detailed descriptions, plot twists, and heroic characterizations of certain villains (while reliably sticking to pure evil with other good ol' bad guys at the same time), it was definitely something that was worth getting hooked on.

    *I never actually played FFVIII, but I did go online and read the scripts for that, FFIX, and FFX, respectively :) You'd be surprised at the good sources you can find out there...

    Other influences:

    Neon Genesis Evangelion. Awesome gorram directing. Awesome gorram character variety. Everyone was so distinct, so unique! It's rare to find so many different ways to.. well, make major characters different from each other without being cliche, stereotypical, or repeating admirable or distateful qualities in them. I wanted to punch and hug and cry with each of them...

    oh, and yes, I too watched Firefly, every episode :) But I won't really say that was one of the heavier influences on myself.

    Full Metal Alchemist. It was not until I'd finished the series that I realized there were only a handful of actual fighting scenes, which surprised me because I had assumed that most popular animes require heated physical confrontations and battles. So, what did make it such a masterpiece? The combination of naiveness, wisdom, and childish courage. The insights and maturity of the adult characters (because even adults can tend to act "childish"). And the pain of watching our heroes fight against everything they had previously fought for. Comedy, intensity, suffering and sympathetic joy combined in a beautiful harmony.

    Last Exile. The last of 3 animes which moved me. Aside from having beautiful graphics, it forced its children to grow up faster than they should have (again, like Full Metal Alchemist). However, this is probably my least favorite of the three animated series (good though it is), because some of the characters were perhaps too simple-minded.

    Writing Peeves

    I hate things that don't make sense. For example, in that RP thread that we had... I was a little disappointed in myself when people were asking why Reaver was allowed to get his hand back; while I had thought it was logical, I hadn't made it acceptable enough. In any case, each story has its set of physical laws for its world. You generally cannot have miracles occur (IMO). You can't bring people back to life, just because you want them to. In the movie Might Joe Young (sorry, mild spoiler coming up), the massive gorilla falls from a ferris wheel, and by all rights, he should be dead. Yet he gets up and there's a happy ending! It defies the natural laws of earth which were already set in stone, and inexplicable happenings just irk me to no end. Also, it's not realistic to assume that all the good guys will survive, and all the bad guys will be defeated. There is always a price to pay, sacrifices to make. Thankfully, with all the terrific fanfics on this forum, I have yet to run into that personal issue

    A smaller pet peeve... the fact that we can't edit posts in the fanfiction forums after an hour To be honest, I use these forums as testing grounds (which doesn't really make sense, come to think of it... but oh well...) I usually end up editing my works (short as they may be) over and over and over again. There are a lot of things in my few posts that I really wish I could change, but it's not worth it to ask moderators to do it. And anyway, it's a learning experience :)

    Also, I dislike 'leveling' in stories. For example... let's take the popular contemporary manga, "Bleach," in which the hero needs to become spiritually stronger in order to defeat stronger and stronger opponents. IMO, life is not a video game: you do not gain more health, your new techniques are not naturally more powerful. A single bullet to the head will still kill you, and your skin does not become more resistant to blades, and it just seems stupid that an attack can be "one thousand times" more powerful than something else. You don't measure boxing with pounds per square inch applied per punch, do you? Furthermore, I dislike how many series have good guys coming back after taking a beating. The resolve to fight just doesn't work like that - no matter how much you would like to win, the human body has limits, no matter how far into the story (and hence, how "leveled up") you are. Once you set limits for a story's universe setting, you have to adhere to those. You can't bend them later on to accomodate your heroes... And in sequels, it's silly that the bad guy is often assumed to be more powerful than the one in the first story. Just because your hero defeated him once doesn't mean that you can defeat him again, so there's no need to make him become ANOTHER thousand "stronger" to finish the second story. Of course, this rule doesn't have to be applied only to sequels...

    Finally, I dislike stupid characters. If I were a villain, and I ever captured a "good guy", the first thing I would do would be to shoot him in the kneecaps. Good guys always come back to bite you in the arse if you take them lightly. If you meet an opponent in combat, you should never underestimate them; taking the above paragraph into example, if I had two levels of attack, I would very rarely hold back and NOT use my more powerful attack because I thought that my first attack would be enough. What's the point in that? Maybe saving the element of surprise comes into play once in a while, but usually, I just end up seeing something along the lines of "Ha! You're so weak, I don't need to expend my energy on you." Which, of course, leads to the speaker getting his butt kicked. Stupidity is also part of the reason I initially disliked the Harry Potter series, until I realized that it wasn't supposed to be a real fantasy story, but instead it was an amusing portrayal of a magician-boy going through puberty.

    Dealing With Writer's Block
    Listening to soundtracks or looking through drawings. I get my inspiration from game music (whether they're midis like FFVII or mp3s like the Baldur's Gate 2 OST), or browsing Deviantart, or doing my own sketches. Actually, I probably rely on music, because I'm waaaaaaaaaay too lazy to actually compose any music, whereas I'll take the time every now and then to scribble down a vignette or flesh out a character sketch. So, a huge thank you to all the hard workers in the video game music industry Oh, and every now and then, I'll go and swing my suburito around just for fun. But that's my little secret... o.O

    ... wow, I ranted a lot. erm, I apologize for taking so much space >_>
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