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    Hi everyone - I didn't know where to put this, but I thought here might be the most appropriate... Zen, if this is not right, feel free to delete.

    Hi all - Send this around to whomever you feel appropriate... Some parts are written kinda strangely, but I am including a translation that I made as literal as possible... feel free to suggest improvements. (I put my comments in parenthesis.)


    [Must read! About your life!]

    穢,同時在某些區域發現死老鼠及老鼠屎。幾天後他開始胃不舒服、喉痛、頭疼及嘔吐,不過二天的時間他病得非 常嚴重。他的血糖指數下降到 66,他的臉

    A storage worker in Hawai'i was cleaning/organizing stored goods. After he finished, he started complaining that the storage is very dirty, and he found dead rats and rat excrement in certain areas. A few days later, he started having stomach problems, a sore throat, headache, and was vomiting. His illness became very serious within two days. His blood sugar level decreased to 66 and his face and eyeballs became yellow. He was sent to the ER and was declared as "Internal organ failure" (not sure what the exact medical translation of that would be). He died before midnight.

    當時沒有人懷疑他的死與工作有關,當時有一位醫師提及他是否在倉庫工作或暴露於老鼠或老鼠屎。有一種病菌﹝ 很像漢他病毒﹞生存在老鼠或老鼠屎中,這些鼠屎乾了以後很像灰塵,如果沒有穿戴任何保護器具很容易吸入,經 對死者作解剖證實了醫師的疑慮。

    At the time, no one was suspicious that his death was related to his job. A doctor wondered if he worked in a storage area that was exposed to rats, or rat excrement. A bacteria (similar to Hanta bacteria) lives in rats or rat excrement. Dried rat excrement looks like dust, and is easily inhaled if one is not wearing any protection. The autopsy proved the doctor's inquiry.

    在超級市場購買的任何商品,或多或少都曾經儲存於倉庫中一段時間,有些還被咬過,大部份人們會清洗蔬菜、水 果,但不曾想過盒子或罐頭。就算是最現代化、最高級的商店也會有老鼠。

    This is why we always need to wash cans, the top of canned sodas, wipe off dust from boxes or plastic wrappings. Anything that you buy from supermarkets have been in storage for some length of a time. Some might have even been bitten. Most people will wash vegetables and fruit, but won't even think about boxes or cans. Even the most modern, high class stores will have rats.

    無論何時你買罐裝飲料時,請用肥皂加清水請洗頂部, 如無法做到就用吸管飲用。

    Whenever you buy a canned drink, please use soap and water to clean the top. If that is impossible, use a straw.

    亞特蘭大疾病控制中心針對罐裝飲料作調查,發現罐裝飲料頂部外皮,可能殘留著乾涸的老鼠尿 ---

    The Disease Control Center in Atlanta did a research on canned drinks, and found that the top outer surface may still have dried rat urine -- poisonous and possibly fatal. Some canned drinks and food containers aren't washed and go directly from storage to retail stores.

    我記得在三年前台灣也有一個新聞,是說有個人在商店買了罐裝飲料後,直接 開了就喝,沒用吸管喝,不出三天就昏迷死亡了,
    經過調查後,發現是飲料上 的拉環處,有老鼠的尿液 --- 即是造成此人死亡的原因。

    I remember there was a news in Taiwan three years ago, about a person who bought a canned drink from a convenience store, opened and drank without a straw. He was unconscious and dead in three days. After some examination, the cause of the person's death is dried rat urine on the pulling ring (not sure what this is called... pulling tab?) of the can.

    我從此後,都只用吸管喝飲料,不然一定倒在杯子裡 那個新聞是真人真事 太可怕了!

    From then on, I only drink canned drinks with straws, or pour into a cup. That news was true... too scary!

    你永遠不知便利商店的倉庫有什麼 還是用吸管吧!

    You never know what the storage area of a convenience store (or any store, for that matter) has... better to use a straw!

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    Ok well I am gonna go look this up on Snopes.com and see if it is verified.

    Though yeah, Hanta virus is quite real (and btw Hanta is a whole class of organisms not just one disease), I knew someone who died from it, the father of one of my friends in highschool. He was a grounds keeper on an estate and got it while cleaning up in a rodent infested area.

    EDIT: Urban Legend! Started circulating in 1998. However I am going to say that cleaning stuff before using it is never a bad idea.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kalidri View Post
    Ok well I am gonna go look this up on Snopes.com and see if it is verified.

    Though yeah, Hanta virus is quite real (and btw Hanta is a whole class of organisms not just one disease), I knew someone who died from it, the father of one of my friends in highschool. He was a grounds keeper on an estate and got it while cleaning up in a rodent infested area.
    Oh ok. I didn't know what the Hanta virus was... had to guess the spelling from the Chinese and did a quick search on google ><"

    *edit* Okee, I looked it up on snopes.com too... and it says that the claim that a Hawaiian clerk dying is false but the potentially deadly disease that can be passed through animal urine is true.


    Should that post be deleted, Zen?

    *edit again* whoops you updated too.

    ... And turns out I made a translation out of a translation... the original can be found on the snopes website. Ahh sorry for being so dumb ><"
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    As for posting this kind of thing...personally, I LOVE snopes, and urban legends are a type of story really. People are really creative in making scare stories and then propagating them out on the internet. So really I have no problem with this sort of thing. As a real nerd I find snopes really addictive and fun reading. Sometimes, the stories and warnings are true, too.

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    GWOnline.Net Member llondra's Avatar

    I'm a Snopes addict!

    The other one I really like is sceptics.com. Between those two and Wikipedia - I know everything and I'm always right! Hehe...

    Seriously, I'm with Kalidri on this one. It's not just discovering whether a story is true or not, but where and how it originated. To me, that's what gets really fascinating about urban myths & legends. And you do often find out that there's an important grain of truth in most of these.

    Though, I would have rather not known that about "Bloody Mary".... *shudders*

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    ACK! MY KIDNEYS! I had both when I woke up this morning :P

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    Banes Son
    My eyes! Oh my God! My eyes! Oh...there they are....never mind

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    My favorite true legend:


    Upon reading this of course, my dear coworkers tried repeatedly to get a cup clean enough and to heat the water long enough to get the reported geyser of boiling hot water. They were never successful and it was this stunt that eventually got them in trouble with management, and the experiments ended.

    These same guys also loved putting grapes, aluminium foil and enamelware into the workplace microwave. The grapes produced something like mini ball lightning when you cut them just right. NEVER gonna try that at home (and there are photos on the internet if you are interested...no need to try it).

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    oooh...mini ball lightning! must...resist...going to...fresh fruits section...after work...!


    send this to 5 of your friends or else a ghost will pop your vein!

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    OHHHH K.....u guys have lost it lol!

    and kal, the microwave guizer works! my friend did it a while back and i got video of it. it probably didnt work for you because you had to stop and my friends dad owns a restaraunt so we used the 2000 watt (-10 degrees C to +30 C in 12 seconds!!) microwave!

    also on the note of fuzzy navels, i have seen the peach schnapps + orange juice combo becasue my friend drinks it. she uses peach archers and OJ. i never knew it had a name, i always called it archers and OJ lol!

    if i can find the video ill send u the link!

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