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    Welcome Selket Shadowdancer to the fanfic directory! (and welcome back after a long absence)

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    My favorite authors (and why):
    My sister introduced me to Andre Norton's stories in the early 1960s. I have remained a fan of hers ever since because her worlds are so strongly evoked. As I became more familiar with other writers I was amazed: Norton could put just as much story into about half the words. This is a trait I strive to emulate.

    Ursula Lequin is similar. Economical, but less hard-edged, and in some ways deeper. Depends on the story. I wish I could write with her elegance.

    There are various other inspirations: Charles de Lint, Arthur Clarke, Isaac Asimov's early books, Robert Heinlein, Sherri Tepper. Terry Pratchett is unusual in that he has kept a series going for years, and each book is better than the last.

    Other influences:
    Mostly nature and things that I observe. I've never been in a writing class or community, other than the loose association that grows up around certain stories.

    Writing Peeves

    Treating a world, or a nation, or a city as if it were a monolithic whole.
    Having characters live roles in a world that can't support those roles, such as kings in a land that grows and produces nothing.
    Bad grammar and spelling, which leads to unintended ambiguity, which leads to obfuscation of intended ambiguity. Was that really a pun, or just a writer who didn't know what they were doing? :)

    Dealing with Writer's Block:
    Take a walk. Do a sand sculpture. Go for a mountain bike ride. Work on a different story. Play Guild Wars. Scrap the problematic story and start over (I did this four times with the Ktahdn stories).
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    Welcome to the forum, Ktahdn. Nice to see this thread getting a little activity.

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    Just setting up a tips thread since I keep encountering the same issues over and over...check it out!

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    ohh a new forum to play in :D

    ill take a peak.

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    GWOnline.Net Member cinna's Avatar

    *waves* I've come back to finish my story :)

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    i is a stick QQ

    now im short and a skinny twig O_O

    talk about a second life...

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    GWOnline.Net Member cinna's Avatar

    I know! I lost so much weight! My already thin monk was even thinner

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    I suppose this is something I was expected to do sooner?

    My favourite authors (and why):
    Stephen King: It took an entire research team to piece together the Dark Tower universe. This single author has created an expansive world that touches every story he's ever written. The shear scale of his universe requires readers (at least, those who try to understand the Tower) to see his books not as individual stories from independent realities, but rather as an intricate web of worlds that are connected either directly or indirectly to the Dark Tower. I have nothing but respect and utter fascination with this man.

    Miyamoto Musashi & Sun Tzu: As a student of war, books on strategic and tactical warfare are required texts. Nevertheless, what can be learned from these two carries applications far beyond war alone.

    Steven Pressfield: Gates of Fire. If you ever wondered why a Marine (or any service member) does what he (or she) does, this book will give you some insight.

    Other influences:
    This twisted thing I call my life.

    Writing Peeves:
    None. Grammar and spelling can be corrected and a story should never be forced out of a writer's head.

    Dealing with Writer’s Block:
    Odd as it may sound, I stand under a scalding hot shower. Something about the near-intolerable burning around the back of my head and most of my upper body...(I suspect it's the increased blood flow to the head that causes the creative stimulus). However if I've already taken two showers that day, listening to music tends to help.
    That being said, know that I do not create my stories. Nothing that I have ever written has been born out of imagination or stemmed from creativity. I simply give the different parts of me a name and make those "characters" deal with what I had to go through.

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    My 'Missing In Action' List:


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