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    Quote Originally Posted by Karn the Betrayer View Post
    thats a cave?
    More of a grotto. Destroyed one at that.

    And sorry, the spider tunnel I said, that's not a tunnel but a chasm with very thick trees overhead.

    Quote Originally Posted by Karn the Betrayer
    still need to serch for any in Alcazia tangle
    The only one there, iirc, is the tunnel to the mini lab where you rescue Renk (I think that's his name) from destroyers in the storyline. Which isn't much of a tunnel, more like a thick arch.


    I decided that I should add some pictures to my story, as others have liked threads I made better when there are images to break text more than other threads.

    SO, I need some help with a few things. First, I need to find out:

    -location of a cave in Vabbi (preferably near Skree)

    -a ragged-clothes like armor (combination or set) for male necromancer

    -a desert-like coast (meant to be the coast of the Crystal Sea)

    Both concept art and areas in-game will work, I just need pictures.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kalidri View Post

    - Break up your text. I can see there are several potential breaks in your writing. Add some rest for peoples' eyes in your writing. When I post, I always look at a preview before posting it so it looks attractive to folks stopping by. You have to 'sell' your writing within the first paragraph, otherwise you won't get read and that's the point of posting here.

    All of these tips will help people to willingly read what you write.
    This is an area I need to work on. I need to read more of the other fiction here to see where I can improve!

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    A good way to break up text is a few (but not too many) pictures, which is why I am planning on doing that. As not only do they break up text, but they give the brain a quick rest of reading without thinking about taking a break.

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    for my story even before i start wriiting it (i got bad writers block ATM) i jot down as notes (which most of us do anyway) looks like I have to make up a cave (in Alcazia Tangle) for my story... I'm even putting in a mini side story of a romance between Gwen and one of her Ebon Vanguard colleuges < (bad spelling) who happens to be a childhood friend whom got rescued by Capt Langmar after the searing... unlike Gwen who got captured by the pesky charr (note to self: Remeber to equip a weapon when running into a charr mob in their homelands..... EPIC FAIL, Hilaious but at least i got req 5 vanguard for doing so lolz)

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    Okay, so I edited the whole story... almost as much a grind as getting through NF - . And I added a Prologue, after battling with it for months. If I've learnt anything we'll have to wait and see. Please let me have any criticism

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    i got an idea for using Rata Sum in my cliffhanger XD

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    Robert Heinlein's Five Rules of Writing + A Rule by Robert J. Sawyer

    Quote Originally Posted by Robert Heinlein
    You can't just talk about wanting to be a writer. You can't simply take courses, or read up on the process of writing, or daydream about someday getting around to it. The only way to become a writer is to plant yourself in front of your keyboard and go to work.
    Read the rules. And, IMNSHO, please do not clutter up this thread with every single idea that comes to mind. Write. Do it. Don't just talk about it.
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    thats why i take notes... JK Rowling dose when she is AFK

    Rule Three: You Must Refrain From Rewriting, Except to Editorial Order
    XD no wonder its taking me along time XD

    not relivant since i aint selling XD but still:

    Notice that this is a "Disposable Copy" if you only want the editor's reply but not the actual manuscript returned
    just print 2 copies (if you got enough ink and paper) and send the copy to the editor SIMPLE whats the point in making the sent one all flashy and Harrods/Ritz presentable when they migh just bin it?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Karn the Betrayer View Post
    XD no wonder its taking me along time XD
    Perhaps if you spammed this thread less and actually wrote, you wouldn't take this much time.

    If you failed to understand the point being made the first time: sit down and write.

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    GWOnline.Net Member ygraul's Avatar

    Quote Originally Posted by jciardha View Post
    If you failed to understand the point being made the first time: sit down and write.
    Or as Yoda said: Do. Or do not. There is no try!

    And as my mom used to say: Crap or get off the pot!

    And as I say... light a match.

    Also... you can't have writer's block if you don't write. Get to it. Chop chop.
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