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    Quote Originally Posted by Denji View Post
    Wow, thanks for the insight guys, now back to turning the wheels on my new derv Tempest ______.
    Try Ishkur or Adad, an Akkadian/Babylonian storm god.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Denji View Post
    Talus Kamaria - my favorite name story. I was playing late one night and decided I needed a necro to start off my second account. I had already decided on Talus (meaning fate in latin) but was stuck on the last name. I was in my dorm with the window open, and as I pondered, a full moon broke out of the clouds and shines in. Inspiration! I eventually decided on Kamaria, Swahili for 'of the moon'
    That is pretty awesome. Beautiful ^^

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    Woohoo forums are back up! I nearly died from not being able to sign in this morning... T~T

    (litopocket = me, V = Lindelle!)

    [09:50] litopocket: waaaaaaaaaaaaah
    [09:52] V: o_O?
    [09:52] litopocket: the forums are down! the forums are down!
    [09:52] litopocket: *runs around and panicks like a headless chicken*
    [09:52] litopocket: noooo my sustenance!
    [09:53] litopocket: SNIFF
    [09:53] V: probably the # of people complaining about farming nerf overloaded the server
    [09:53] litopocket: waaaaah
    [09:53] V: i wouldn't be surprised if the thread is like 1000+ now
    [09:54] litopocket: i don't care about farming nerf~ gimme back my FF forums~~~~~~~~~~~
    [09:54] V: geh, i can access it just fine
    [09:54] litopocket: *cry cry whine whine*
    [09:54] litopocket: what!!
    [09:54] V: yea...dunno
    [09:55] V: mm or not, i got as far as two threads and then got killed
    [09:55] litopocket: "MySQL reported this error while trying to retreive the info: Got error 127 from storage engine"
    [09:55] V: yup, database error here too
    [09:55] litopocket: WAH
    [09:55] litopocket: sniff

    I'm alive again!

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    GWOnline.Net Member FinnFerral's Avatar

    Aww, poor T_T_T

    Everythings alright now, have a nice warm mug of wub hugglesnugs

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    GWOnline.Net Member Denji's Avatar

    Yeah, that was great this morning. I was just patting myself on the back for finishing a chapter before class, pop up a window to upload it and suddenly...

    'Page cannot be found? Noo!"

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    *looks exhausted*

    Too much writing. Thoroughly enjoyed writing it, but eeeeeee!

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    okay, I have finally taken the plunge and bought PC Gamer to have it delivered TO my house so that I don't have to go out and search for it. What that means is that when codes get sent out for different games I'll stick an ad in here (if Kali allows it) and whoever is playing said game can have my codes. (I just bought PC gamer for the minipets. Seriously.) This month's free items are from LOTR Online: Shadows of Angmar. If anyone's playing this and wants the free items from PC Gamer shoot me a PM and I'll send you the code.

    Hugs and much love to the FF Peeps :)


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    ok, that is kinda kool coz its cute

    edit: i took out the BUT part of my scentance because it was a bit sad

    edit2: sakura, TT blatently does
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    tell the truth! do you comment on those pictures, TT?

    the truth now.

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