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    Quote Originally Posted by Melandhrian View Post
    Crabs. hehe.

    A slight change of subject, and something totally random. When I get seven shambling horrors up and running I sometimes feel like I'm being chased by peel and eat shrimps.
    OMG LOL!!! Yes, they do look like that!

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    i'll die if i eat crabs. my allergies are that bad. oddly enough, i can eat shrimp and lobster just fine. the synthetic crabsticks [kani] too!

    and shambling horrors do look like shrimps. without heads. which makes them doubly creepy!

    yggy: i've finally fought roaring ethers. i have a worse time with ruby djinns. the roaring ethers are cute though. makes you want to ride one, flaming mane and all.

    and i hate the "gift of the djinn" quest! that last bit made me scream like a little girl. only more pathetic-sounding.

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    My real life crab story...or "Crabs need love too"

    In college I had the honor to attend Friday Harbor Marine Laboratory through the University of Washington. I cannot begin to describe how awesome that place is...some of the best campus housing, good food and some of the best biologists in the US hang their hats there. Oh and the knock your socks off scenary, beautiful weather and feeling of timeless isolation. Wish I could afford a writer's cottage on the Islands, I'd totally disappear every weekend.

    Anyhow the undergraduate's lab featured tanks full of marine invertebrates for the 20 credit physiology class. No secret what was going to happen to all those critters.... So over the quarter we noticed this one crab would follow you around as you entered and left the lab. Sometimes it would pick up something (sometimes other smaller crabs) and wave it over the surface of the water. There were dozens of other crabs, but this was the only one that did not retreat into the substrate when you came close. It would press itself up to the glass and try to pinch you and interract. He would snag pencils out of your hand and snap them in half if you poked at him. Basically, it was one awesome crab and we named him Peppy.

    Of course, as a scientist, the moment you name something, you are doomed. The non analytical part of you gets wrapped up in just the tiniest connection. So when we finally got to the unit on crustaceans and therefore, crabs, everyone in the dorms said "No way am I chopping up Peppy!" My dorm mate was almost in tears about it, and the night before the day of crabby doom we went and tried the door on the lab for a student's rebellion, but it was locked. We considered telling the TA who had the keys our true feelings, but to do that was to admit that we were not tough and not up to the 'hard work' of being scientists.

    So morning came. We sat through the 2 hour lecture, drawing the various bits of crab anatomy, and awaiting that moment when Peppy would be put in a big jar with alka seltzer and sent to the big ocean in the sky.

    We went to the lab to find no Peppy in the tank. The TA was already there preparing stuff and she was just smiling. Someone asked about Peppy and she said he "appears to have escaped". She was grinning so big we all knew that the TA had succumbed to Peppy's wiles, but she did not dare tell the truth around the professor. That crab lived to see the open ocean once again.

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    Adorable ^^ Wonderful story Zen :D

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    the moral of the story would be [at least for me]: don't eat crabs!

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    Aww... I woulda kept the crab as a pet... that would have been sooo spectacular.

    Here I am when I should really be doing college apps. *sigh*

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    Ah, but a pet that could break your fingers if he was feeling a little annoyed. I guess dogs can do that too, but a crab is unlikely to listen to "down boy!" "D

    Edit...and do your college apps!

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    Well, you'd have him (her?) in a tank, so there wouldn't be a need to train him to do anything! You could always have a dog too, though! Dogs and crabs make great friends (don't hold me to this )!

    2 essays to go. I'll do 'em tomorrow. -.-''

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    dogs and crabs make good friends until a claw nips a nose. or tongue. then things get serious.

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    It's all fun and games until someone gets pinched.. then it's just fun.

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