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    Need Help with builds

    Ok i need to know if i need to fix anything with these builds

    Degen (insert bad female word)

    Illu. 12
    Blood 10+3+1
    Death 6
    Soul 6+1

    Vamp Gaze
    Life Siphon
    Life Transfer
    Conjure Phantasm
    Images of Remorse
    Phantom Pain
    Illu. of Pain

    W/E Shocker (i want to be able to get max possible dmg out of this guy)

    Air 3
    Str 9+1
    Axe 12+3+1
    Tact 9+1

    Axe rake
    Disrupting Chop
    Heal Sig
    Rez sig

    Im mostly will use this for Alliance type things and a few other areas (ex. arenas and HA)

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    For the axe warrior I'd drop pen for Bulls Strike and rake for Frenzy. You'll end up doing a LOT more damage that way. And since you don't need a sig in AB, just take rush or sprint (I prefer rush, but play with what you like) in that spot.

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    if you have a fairly decent monk and really want taht extra damage you can drop healsignet, but its always usefull to use when your monk is low on energy or dead

    for the meser, i would drop illusion of pain and lifetransfer and go for Crippling Anguish to make sure warriors dont get to you
    i also find that the mesmer has nothing to keep his energy up other then regen, if you want to hex and gain energy you could go for Ethereal Burden
    or if you want energy when you need it go for drain enchantment or channeling since they dont take your elite spot

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