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    miscellaneous player
    Ad my name and my guildy

    Mira Sticks

    Jimmy Bondage

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    hello most might know me as T Waters/Main O/Freekey Zeekey..I was following the posts on GW Guru at 1st for comic relief toward this bs but after wards it turned into a pretty deep discussion..anyway i was lead here by Nurse with wound link and a bit off topic Nurse With Wound i cannot agree with you anymore on your guru posts..although u got bashed on by pvers who dont play tombs much u held your ground with your posts so good job on that . I put your name of the "how i got here thingy" registration so i hope u dont mind :D

    anyway. add my name "Freekey Zeekey" in support of this petition thingy...yeah after nonstop tombing for 16+ months (even tho after adapting and kicking major *** in 6v6) still dont feel right because some pver wants his chance...anyway im not mouthing anet off but anet does look at this petition....yeh :D

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    miscellaneous player
    Add the whole of And Then And Then And [Then]

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    I really hope the map changes are reconsidered as well.

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    I would like to add my guidmates to this petition.Please add following

    Neth Randr
    Mary Care
    Falak Swiftfoot
    Lady Jan of Brandy
    Lord Kha
    Asuir Laheri
    Nimble Knight

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    we still have some hope left anet will change heroes ascent back to 8 ppl. ministry of storage and the whole guild H O S T E L [MiLk]
    Last edited by allience; 09-10-2006 at 22:02.

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    Updated list

    Lina Skyrim
    Nurse With Wound
    Secret Strength
    Lady Jan
    Miss Medic
    Guild Deputy
    Wet One
    Little Blue Flower
    Victos Babe
    Donut Is Evil
    Mira Sticks
    Jimmy Bondage
    Freekey Zeekey
    dark ken
    Neth Randr
    Mary Care
    Falak Swiftfoot
    Lord Kha
    Asuir Laheri
    Nimble Knight
    And Then And Then And [Then]
    H O S T E L [MiLk]

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    Lord Mendes
    Steel Pheonix [StP]

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    stick my name on there, I dont Ha much due to GvG, but i like to have fun there...impossible with this 6vs6 crap.


    actually, add our whole guild, 90% of them hate the changes.

    By Balthazars beard [TasH]

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    Might aswell add all of the Wee Free Men [凸〇一〇], we hate the changes and are 95% certain it will become even less popular when the novelty wears off.

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