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    I love my old GC.

    I can also highly reccomend mario kart double dash and eternal darkness. Also the prince of persia series played better on the cube than the other consoles, so you might want to see if you can find an old copy of those.

    How does twilight princess play on the cube? I really loved windwaker, but I might pass on TP if the cube version plays like a clunky port.

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    Alright boys, girls and everything in-between, you won't be seeing me again till monday as i'm off to do charity work for 3 days

    I'll let you guys know how it goes if i avoid accidentally drowning myself in Brocolli and Stilton soup (lots of people think "wtf? ugh" but it is actually really nice stuff)

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    BaR; Dii

    Sounds like u're off feeding the homeless?

    Do tell us what charity work you're doing? Ah! I know!!!! It must have something to do with PIES.

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    Ahhhh, i'm back.

    It was actually a dog rescue charity (NESSR, to be precise) fun weekend.

    There were pies AND cakes on sale, but cakes only made 210 pounds whereas pies made 270. Muahahahahahahahahaha.

    My feet feel like they are on fire

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    Hee-hee, i picked up 2 games for 50 pound (go me), c&c3:kanes wrath and civilisation revolution, both of which are totally awesome

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    Boy the weather sure is bad...

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    I just got back from vacation, and we had great weather

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    Quote Originally Posted by dbf View Post
    I just got back from vacation, and we had great weather

    The furthest from home i ever get is Dublin, and considering i live in ENGLAND...

    But they have nice pie there, so it is all good

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    My computer is still broken. No one knows what's wrong with it. I've been using an old Aspire, but it's nowhere near powerful enough to handle any games, including Guild Wars. :( I miss you guys.

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