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    Alcohol in general is bleh.

    I hate the taste.

    I've tried it before (who hasn't?) and it tastes horrible.

    At least wine does.

    I haven't tasted beer yet.

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    I don't care for the taste of alcohol either, wine or beer. I don't think I'll drink when I'm older. Heck, I don't even drink much soda. I tend to stick to water and green tea and I'm quite fine with that.

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    Mmm... green tea...

    I, however, much more prefer to be 23. (Dr. Pepper ftw!)

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    Soulwar - for me, alcohol is an acquired taste. If you don't want to drink - no biggie and in the big picture you're probably better off anyway.

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    In real life I never drink except on rare occasions. When I do I like a sweet liquer like Tia Maria, mixed with cola. Sometimes a glass of Asti (sparkling sweet wine) but that's only on special occasions. I don't believe in drinking for the sake of it and only ever drink with friends if they are.
    Beer is blaugh and most wine is too. Believe me, by not drinking you're not missing much. Barinthus is right, it's an acquired taste and one I've never really got.
    That's why I allow my character in game to get drunk as much as possible. I'm freeing my inner drunk
    AKA Fan Tasy.
    Ritualist for hire. Resonable rates. Payment in firewater, hunter's ale, rice wine and any other assorted substances that will make me want to be sick.
    Ohhhh look pretty lights......nooooo a plague of bees descend! Is this how Guild Wars rewards us loyal subjects?

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    I've come to learn that an 'acquired taste' is something you don't like at first and have to be determined to like in order to. Sushi was that way for me at first, but now I love it. I have no interest in acquiring a taste for alcohol, though.

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    bah drugs is bad mmmkay,well when it comes to booze at lest
    its not fun since most of the times ppl make complete morons out of themself's but not all ppl get that way unless u had way to much
    then when u lie down adn the spinnin kicks in ugh be prepared to run your #@% off to the bathroom i drink every blue moon and its only 1 or 2 rum and cokes beer is just plain nasty wine is decent but yeah its not anything to be liek oh wow booze must...have....it ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh lol

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    I take pride in being the one who remembers the day after whenever my friends are drunk. After a while, they tend to just believe whatever fabricated tale you tell them, which makes for really fun times!

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    That's just one of the reasons I don't get wasted- other people determing my reality or whatever you wanna call it. I have enough problems remembering stuff w/o getting drunk . What's the point of "having a good time" if you can't remember anything?

    Um... it's seriously tempting to just randomly babble for the next 30mins or so. Working here gets seriously boring... Until everyone decides to print at the same time and then I go nuts . Hmm.. maybe I should checkout miniclips.com. I'll go comatose if I just stare at the screen while waiting for someone to ask for help. Ya that really weird blob game should keep occupied long enough...

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    Check out flOw. Google "flow in games" and it's the first link. Seriously an awesome timesink.

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