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    Blade and Rose [BaR]


    New Member Introduction Thread

    New to Blade and Rose? Welcome! Introduce yourself to your new guildmates and officers here!
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    Hi everyone! I am Feng Tao and recently joined BaR. My real name is Kevin and
    I'm 16, and am situated in the American realm. I enjoy both aspects of Guild Wars, Pve and Pvp, and am looking foward to Nightfall. When it comes to favorite class to play, I'd have to go with the monk because I enjoy the challenge of keeping the party alive, especially in the most dire situations. The reason I joined BaR is because of the friendly, peaceful, and laid back environment. Everyone treats eachother as family, and help is always there when needed. All in all, I am very satisfied with BaR and how it lives up to it's statements.

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    Well I joined Blade and Rose about a month ago. I'll admit that I am very impressed with the guild and alliance. After having several bad experiences with previous guilds (much having to do with cliques from within), BaR and the alliance are the first time I have found like-minded people who are willing to help others in PvE or PvP regardless of who you are. Quintus told me to look into our alliance and that's what I did.

    Again, thanks for the invite Quintus

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    'Ello, I joined BaR about a week and a half ago and am enjoying being in the guild very much. Name is Greg, I'm 16, and I prefer to play as my warrior or mesmer. Also working on me monk incase it is ever needed (I know the pain of not being able to find a monk. ). I've already done missions with a few members of the guild and look forward to doing so again! If anyone ever needs some help and I'm online (Oblivious Waffle for my warrior or Ickbar Romero for my mesmer) feel free to ask, I'm willing to help.
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    Most of the time I'm Meagen Sureshot, R/Mo, currently for the first time ever in Droknar's Forge. I also regularly make new Prophecies characters and run them through pre-Searing, and then delete them. (I bring a single Red Iris each time I finish pre-Searing, my storage now contains 8 of them.) I'm a PvE player, and a bit of an obsessive collector of achievements such as the various titles. I also enjoy helping out new players.

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    I'm Massacre. I've been playing for 14 months now and have 7 maxed out PvE characters. My main account has my Warrior, Monk, Sin, Ranger, Ritty, Mez and Canthan Ele. I have a 2nd account without Factions which has my Necro and original Ele. I pretty much only use that account now to send the Necro into tombs, UW or FoW.

    The Mez and Ritty are probably my favorites tho recently I've been playing my canthan Ele alot as I've just found a new build I really dig. Latest obsession has been duo runs in UW. In fact, I even banished the 2nd account to Europe so I can do UW runs whether US or Europe has favor. :)

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    sup all. well, I join BAR last weak and so far so good. I'm a laid back and casual player. my main character is Jhanto Gun r/me (I change secondary once in awhile) who finish both chapters. having fun so far, if any members need help just call. if I could help I'll help. other chars: Zato Red (w/me) and Zato Lee (rit/me).

    cya all in-game.

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    Hello There
    My name is Elise, and in-game I go usually as Misterial Melody, Mesmer/Monk..
    I am a complete noob to the game, and so far have only explored 10% of the Map.
    Please do forgive me if I am a little quiet in guildchat as I am still finding my feet, and getting used to the game.
    In real life *If you can call it that* I am a 31 year old, married, lady...although sadly I look about 19, this usually does not make for a restful life as people frequently mistake me for an adolescent...which ticks me off no end!.
    I'm 5ft, eyes are blue, and at the moment I have red hair...that could change on a whim, believe me :).
    I'm married, and for my sins I am a fantasy artist, in effect people pay me to paint pictures of women wearing very little, with swords and dragons...
    I live in a large chaoric house in England, with my Husband and my dog. I have managed to drag three other people into the guild with me, and we are patiently waiting for a fourth...whose PC just needs to be stabalized so he doesn't keep getting booted out of the game!.

    So far I really love this guild, and feel very lucky to have stumbled upon you so early in my guildwars life!
    Thanks for having me


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    I joined up about a Month ago and really enjoy being in the guild and the alliance. I am 31 of age and am addicted to gw. I go by gg in game but a lot call me misspell king as you can see from my typing lol. Im on quite abit I mainly do pve and am always around if any need help or just want to take something out.

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    I think I'm the only 14 year old in this guild....

    Anyways, I'm a 14 year old boy from michigan who does nothing but sit in front of a computer from 9-5(and get paid(And and do schoolwork(And^3 play MMOs))) I have this weird thing about playing girl charicters( I'm sheena fujibaishu in game) and with using brackets and commas. I am quite noobish even though I have played for over 2 months. So be prepared for many questions and requests for help.

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