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    It's been in the in-game announcement since you joined, Sithis :P

    anyway, good to see you here, and a late welcome :)

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    So I'm Strafe, I already PvP with some people in the guild already. Also, I used to be Luxon now everyone wants me to change. X_X. I played for about 17 month, and....that's about it.

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    Ok, I think it's my turn ... I'm Arthas (all my chars share this name), 21 years, from Poland. I usually play from 11:00 to 2:00 GMT. I've just finished Nightfall, and .. can't wait to start Eye of the North. See you in game.

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    Welcome to all the new members of the Blade and Rose!

    We hope you find yourselves at home here.

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    Already did this on the alliance forums, but might as well do it here too..

    Hi, I'm Gaius. I'm an American player, started playing GW during the February beta test events, and I've loved the game since then. Been with BaR for a little over 2 weeks, and just recently passed probation (huzzah!).

    Anyway, you can usually find me on characters with Gaius or Gaia somewhere in the name, so if you see me online don't hesitate to ask for help.

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    'Bout time I registered on the forum with these fancy interwebs and stuff. Name's Matt, 28. I just got back on GW after not playing for over a year. Factions, Nightfall, and EotN are all new to me, but I have them now and I'm working my way through. Forgive any newbie questions I might pose in guild chat. I've gotten about five characters through the Proph campaign, so I know that pretty well, but my PvP experience is limited to RA. I'm happy to tag along for AB or other guild events, but I'll probably suck since I'm still in the process of unlocking some of the smexy new skills.

    Got a bunch of characters, but mostly I'm working on some lowbie faction/nightfall classes right now and getting a feel for them.

    My level 20 proph characters are:
    Dimtwix the Absurd (Mes)
    The Narrator (Necro)
    Cutty Tankerson (Warrior)
    The Littlest Monk (Monk)

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    Hello to all BaR members i got invited to the guild by Yert Nympher after getting 10 wins in RA. Im almost 27 years old, i live in Montreal Canada. I play mostly PVP and sometimes i go PVE only for farming or if needed helping a freind. My real name is a bit complicated so just call me fooz :P, my in game names are Big Slick, Lord Hellrazor, Rushing maniac and Nightwish feel free to ask anything. i have been playing for a little more than 2 years, maybe a month or 2 after the first GW release, im r5 glad and would love to finaly get my deer :P I have a girlfreind for a little over 7 years now and i work in the afternoon moslty so you ll catch me at night around 10pm eastern time.


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    Welcome to all new members - pleased to meet ya!
    * Join the Guild of Blade and Rose *
    IGN: Rinoa Hawkeye

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    Stormbluff Isle

    BaR; Dii

    Welcome, guys.

    Narrator, I'll look into having a guild tag added to your name since you're now a full member. Glad you registered :)

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