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    I guess it's about time I posted here.

    Hello, everyone! I'm Dulin, and I joined BaR about two weeks ago. I've been around the game and these forums since the first E3 event many years ago, but until now I've only been in very small, inactive guilds. I still feel a bit lost sometimes, joining such a large group so late in the game, but it sure is nice to have so many friendly people online.

    I look forward to getting to know everyone, and maybe getting to do all those things I couldn't do before because there weren't enough people.

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    A big group like this is better, more people to hang out with!

    If you have any particular desires for in game activities, let me know. I'll be happy to set it up for you (and everyone else)

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    Welcome, Dulin. I know how you feel - it can be a little intimidating to join a larger group, especially when there seems to be a group of friends already present.

    I was in your shoes just a few years ago, joining a group where I knew no one, where bonds had already been made. Now, I know a lot of the players in BaR, play with many of them, am good friends with some of them, and am going to marry one of them. Pretty wild, huh?

    There are a lot of friendly and fun people in BaR with lots of space left for new friendships. If there is anything specific in-game you'd like to do, the first thing I'd suggest is asking in guild and alliance chat (the alliance is very active, friendly, and helpful), and if you don't get any bites, you are welcome to set up an event thread here or, as Tony said above, ask one of the officers to arrange it for you.

    I look forward to playing with you!
    * Join the Guild of Blade and Rose *
    IGN: Rinoa Hawkeye

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    BaR; Dii

    Dulin - welcome!

    Rinoa said it all so I'll be brief.

    While it can be overwhelming to be a new player in a guild with people who have been with each other for a long while, I honestly believe we are very welcoming of new players.

    We all are human beings, sometimes we get so comfortable within our own circles we kinda forget to include others.

    Just speak up! If you see some kind of planning going on in a chat channel - just type "That looks like fun, ok if I tag along?" and the odds are very high you'll be more than welcome to join! It's always great to expand our circle to include new people - more people to interact online... everybody wins.

    Definitely do not be afraid to ask anybody on either guild or alliance channel for company or help. All I ask if there's no response or nobody are able to help out, try not to spam your request. I sure like spam in real life but online spam isn't delicious for any of us.

    Again, welcome :)

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    Really? I don't really like spam IRL either. xD

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    japanese food! :D

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    Welcome Dulin.

    I am always happy to join others and get to know new guildies so if your doing a mission and want company or help feel free to ask in guild chat.

    As far as Spam, I would have to agree with soulwar. Barinthus you can keep that sushi spam to yourself. :)

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    I didn't mean to make it sound like I'm having some kind of existential crisis over here. Everyone's been really friendly, and I had a good time vanquishing with a few people from the alliance a couple nights ago. I'm just not used to big groups, is all.

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    move along, nothing to see here...

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