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Thread: Hero and runes

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    Hero and runes

    What happens to runes u apply to Hero armour when that armour is auromatically upgraded... Do u lose them or do they get moved to new armour set?

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    GWOnline.Net Member NeferJackal's Avatar

    I dont see why Runes would be lost, wouldnt make any sense to me. As the improvements happens when they level.

    Though you couldnt rune their armor in the pve event, wasnt implemented. But ive a feeling that in retail you will be able to choose which kind of armor you want a henchie to wear on a spot and can change it at will. Ill then wager that you can rune all of them, such as 4 different head pieces you can change between when trying different builds. But should remember what you put on them.

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    This is off the GW website

    "You cannot replace a Hero's armor through the Inventory panel. A Hero's armor level improves as the character gains levels. Certain quests may change the appearance of a Hero's armor. In the retail version of the game, you can use Runes to alter a Hero's armor, but you cannot use Dyes to alter its appearance."

    Looks like they get one set and you dont get to touch it, 'cept to apply runes. Doesnt say anything about what happens to runes u give/apply to your Hero s armour when that armour auto upgrades... Any1 got know if we lose em, or what? Hate to drop that Sup rune on and then lose it...

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    dont see any reason why they would do that so I guess it doesnt get removed

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    IIRC, the Heroes armour did not have a fixed AL, but was something like "40...80" for Koss. It improves with him gaining a level, so I doubt, that any applied rune will vanish or will be destroyed when this is happening.(Changing appearence might be something like "ascending")
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    I'm curious as to whether we can change their headgear...or it they will just get a generic no attribute hat...which is my guess, since they probably don't want them to be equal to humans.

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    GWOnline.Net Member NeferJackal's Avatar

    In the NPE, the heroes available came with a headgear which you couldnt change. Koss had a strenght hat, where Dunkoro had a Divine Favor tat.

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    I doubt runes will be lost either. If they did, then everybody would wait until the henchies were level 20 before sticking any runes on them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NeferJackal
    In the NPE, the heroes available came with a headgear which you couldnt change. Koss had a strenght hat, where Dunkoro had a Divine Favor tat.
    Yes each primary class had it's own primary stats headpice in the NPE, Monks Divne favor, Warriors Strength, Rangers Expertise, etc...

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    I'd be seriously upset if I put that 30+k superior vigor on and it dissapeared when he leveled. But they will probably stay on the armour until you change it.

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