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    Found you frozen.

    But we in 치 The Spearmen 치 are aware of your preference anyway. you PUG whore.


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    Quote Originally Posted by David Holtzman
    Indeed, which is why I said, "It seems highly unlikely to me that the skill level would return to where it was given any reasonable timeframe.". I was merely pointing out that while given a reasonable timeframe it was unlikely, that by no means implies that such an even can never occur. It just probably won't occur now or in the near future.

    Before I address this issue, I'd like to make sure we're on the same page. So if you could, please define for me what you mean when you say "balanced" and why this is a good thing. Further, how people playing balanced changes the "grind" aspect considering that the fame count per rank is precisely the same as it was previously.
    Balanced builds are builds that have a combination of offense and defense are not themed, or centered around 1 class or skill. For instance: 2 Warriors (ax hammer), 2 E-surge mesmer, a E/Mo, 1 utility, 2 monks would be a balanced team in GvG. These builds, when ran correctly, tend to do better at holding and winning halls than FOTMs. When ANET changed HA to 6v6 it took away some of the viability of using balanced builds and made it even easier to from FOTM teams because you need less people.

    What I mean by grind is the massive amount of time it takes the average player to form a group when not using a FOTM and usually the only non FOTM builds are Balanced Builds. Furthermore, ANET perpetuated the elitist attitude of rank = skill when they hosted the double fame weekend. While by in large the better half of the PvP community knows this isn't correct, the majority of PvPers do believe this. Thus, being under rank 3 makes it even harder to find decent teams, regardless of the real skill of the player. Even being under rank 6 now makes it hard to find a decent group. Since the amount of time used to find teams that actually win is substantially high, the grind factor is also high. Thats what I mean by grind

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