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    Is it Possible to get to Local Quarter with Prophecy Character.

    This is what I've known so far.

    Primary Quest for Prophecy Characters
    -Welcome to Cantha - will lead you to Foreign Quarter

    Primary Quest for Factions Characters
    - Mayhem in Market - will lead you to Local Quarter

    I've tried to enter Local Quarter through Undercity with my monk but the door remain closed. I've beaten the game. I've read some where that you can enter Local Quarter after a while to get 100% open map. So what I've been wondering is how can i get there. This topic was brought up because today I tried to help my friend with his mission but I got only Foreign Quarter and he got Local.

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    Yes it is, but only if you have done both the missions on the starting area island, and you have to get a canthan born character to get you into local quarter the first time. After that its like any other town..

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    Two ways

    With your Tyrian character, go to the Market Place and join any group that is doing the "Maheyin in the Market" (yep, I don't know how to spell Manheyin, but it's that quest). When the group finishes the quest, you will be teleported to Vizunah Local Quarter with them.

    With my Canthan characters, I just walked to the Foreign Quarter after beating the game, and the gate there was open. No idea if this still works, though.


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    Hey erasculio do you know if you have to do the mayhem quest from the start?? Do you have to do any quests prior?? I ask because I brought my ele and got lost, joined a group doing mayhem but only last part and I got stranded while every1 else got to tp to city. I was left there all alone and guard wouldn't let me in.

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    No you dont, just be in a party that is finishing it. if you dont have the quest, dont be the party leader. But you can easily get to local quarter without doing all of mayhem. That is how my tyrian monk made it there.

    On a side note, why would you want to. Even my canthan characters i get into a party heading to foriegn quearter. At least everyone in foreign is level 20 and should have an idea whats going on since they are from tyria. I cant say the same for the canthans in local quarter. getting a decent party in local is an excersize in futility for me. hence I just go to foriegn.

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    Both gates get unlocked once you finish the mission.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Moklar
    Both gates get unlocked once you finish the mission.
    I don't think that is true, I've tried entering local quarter with my Tyrian mesmer (who has finished Viz Square Foreign) and the gate has been down, the guy outside tells me to talk to Togo, so I guess I would need to finish both missions on the island first heh.

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    Well I've tried and this is what i've got so far:

    -My monk's beaten the game.
    -I've tried to enter the party that was doing last part of mayhem with 2 other tyrian chars. The rest of them got in except us 3.
    -I tried to go alone again through Undercity but the gate remains closed.
    -I haven't done the two mission on the shing jea island so I guess I'll try that next.

    Sorry for the repost but I can't seem to find the edit button.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Erasculio
    With my Canthan characters, I just walked to the Foreign Quarter after beating the game, and the gate there was open. No idea if this still works, though.
    This still works. I did it very recently.

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    A few weeks ago I managed to get into Local with my Tyrian char. I joined a PUG who had one hench monk in Marketplace. Went Undercity way. I was teleported with the rest as soon as someone else had talked to buddy at the gate.

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