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    Draco's search for a guild

    Hi everyone,

    My previous guild has undergone a structural reformation and is aiming for more activity and 'hardcore' gameplay. Since I am a more casual player and don't really opt for the absolute top in this game, I have departed the guild.

    I do enjoy GW and its many strategies. I'm especially a fan of the PvP part, but I love the PvE as well. However, I don't always have a lot of time to spend on the game. I play the game as a means of relaxation and fun.

    That is why I am looking for a guild which takes the players' lives outside of GW into account, a more casual guild whose main goal is to have fun and play together. I decided that concidering the release of NF it would be nice to have a group of friends to explore Elona with.

    IGN: Draco Sinus
    Age: 16
    Location: The Netherlands, Europe (quite important since I usually play in the evenings GMT +1)
    Most liked profession(s): I love playing a mesmer, but I play a monk the most because of the lack of demand for mesmers (in PUGs).
    Previous guild experience: Mentioned above. I'd been in [Sons of Heaven] since the release.
    Misc: I own Prophecies and Factions and have a mic and both TS and Vent.

    If you think I could fit in your guild, would you please PM me (or post here, whatever suits you best)?

    Thanks a lot!

    ~Draco Sinus

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    Hello :)

    Our guild is called Honor Warriors. We are an American luxon guild that is mostly PVE (some of us love to HA/GVG as well). Our only rule is that you respect all players and are friendly. We are in a full alliance that is comprised of 10 guilds that all share one common interest; To have fun with friendly (and somtimes goofy) players. :) We are a very active alliance and as far I've logged on, we have people playing at all times. Our members and allies are friendly players who respect others and are of all skills and experiences. We don't like to have any drama between guildies/allies. We love to help out others with missions, quests, exploring, etc. be it experienced players or new players. We also do a lot of runs to special places such as UW, FoW, Tombs, Deep, Urgoz, etc. Most of our players are America based, but we do have a good number of European players in our alliance. Some of our events take place in international districts to fit different regions. If you're interested, just give us a message. :)

    Guild: Honor Warriors
    Leader: Neena Lifegiver
    Officers: Around 10 (Buffy Bj Summers, One Ecto Per Heal, Shiroi Trevor, Mai Sharona, Selenia the Defiled, etc.)
    Members: 60~80
    Active members in guild: around 20
    Alliance: 9 allies for a full alliance
    Active members in alliance: A lot
    Age of players in alliance: Most seem to be 15~35, but we don't keep track of age, just personality :)

    Our cape and what we are like :D

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    Also an American Guild, I'd like to invite you to try out The Right Tub. I personally get online about 10/11 PM your time on weekdays, however our guild does do some hard PVE on weekends. We have no time qualifications, you play as much or as little as you like. There are currently three of us, so if helping a guild grow is your idea of a good time, we're for you. We have two Americans and one German, and would be pleased to have you along for the ride. I'll be happy to send you a tryout invite if you like so you can get a chance to meet everyone. We're happy to play on the International servers.

    Anyhow, main drawback is that we're small, but we are recruiting good players, not screaming in the marketplace. Shoot me a pm if you like, or contact me in-game as Melandhrian Vorin on your friends list (or some variant of which I am not sure which will be accurate at any given time.



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    Hello Draco Sinus,

    As a representative of the ARKangels, I would like to refer you to our recruitment post here.

    Since that post quite a few things have changed. For one, our guild membership has increased to about 71 members. Our European core in particular is now about 10 members big coming from the UK (3), the Netherlands (2), Germany (1), Rumania (3), and Egypt (1). As stated we are still looking to expand our GMT section more so your application would be most welcome if you wish to help build up such a side by being a member.

    Other things that changed is that we are no longer part of the SoR alliance although our website has not been updated to reflect such change. We have decided to set out on our own due to unsatisfaction of our members with the alliance. If you are interested, I can tell you more about it when the occasion arises. I do want to emphasize though that the SoR alliance is a fine alliance with very energetic, friendly and helpful guilds such as The Seraphin Knights [TSK], Protectors of Peace [PoP], or the leading guild - The Survivors of Rhydin [SoR], and I would encourage you to also check them out - especially iif you find that our guild and alliance we are trying to build is not what you are looking for.

    Despite the changes, our core values have not changed: We are a balanced guild with members who either do PvE, PvP or both. We value member initiative, and community building (by encouraging forum and vent participation) - all that while realizing that real life takes priority.

    So please check us out on your own free time. Should you have any questions even before registering with our forums, I would recommend leaving a post in our recruitment post. I will come by to check that thread for any questions.


    Erasmus Thornhale

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    Keepers of the Aether [Void]

    This guild was created to make for players with a strong love for the pve aspect of the game and perhaps a moderate interest in pvp. The guild is a pve guild mainly however, focussing on doing the harder parts of Guild Wars together.

    We are for casual and the more active gamers. Apart from logging in once a month we have no set rules for activity. Some of us like the more high-end areas of guild wars, others are just getting their first characters through

    We also like to pvp (HA mostly) but we're still in the process of setting this up, we're thinking about designating 2 days a week as pvp nights, so those who aren't online alot can pick a night so they can count on some pvp action. The same can be said about pve, we're planning a guild event night once a week so we can help guildies with tough quests, or we can go to one of the High-end areas.

    The guild has 18 members, 1 officer and a leader (me ) and is a European guild, if you are interested in us contact me ingame or here.

    Looking forward to hearing from you,

    Guild Leader, Keepers of the Aether.

    IGN - Domina Spellbinder - Do Min A

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    Hi again,

    Thanks for posting here and sending me PMs. I didn't expect this much options, each guild seems appealing in its own way. I have however made a decision (based on timezones/priorities/guild size), so I will contact the leader as soon as possible.

    Again, thanks a lot guys. I really appreciate it.

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