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Poll: What is your most used Ranger PvE build?

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    GWOnline.Net Member Adslahnit's Avatar


    What is your most used Ranger PvE build?

    Not EVERY ranger uses Barrage in PvE. There are other choices out there (well, two out of my six choices had barrage, but still...)

    So what Ranger build is most commonly found on your PvE skillbar? This is for regular PvE (missions, quests, etc.) and NOT farming.

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    GWOnline.Net Member oles's Avatar

    Unless there's a specific build to be taken for a specific situation, it's either barrage/interrupt (voted) or touch.
    I've been entertaining the idea of taking something like an R/A striker with shadow of haste or AoD, but the lack of pve stuff to do after finishing both games is what stopped me.

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    GWOnline.Net Member Quiet Lurker's Avatar

    I went with other, usually a condition/beast master.

    Charm Animal
    Comfort Pet
    Feral Lunge
    Brutal Strike
    Predator's Pounce
    Enraged Lunge (e)
    Troll Ung
    Apply Poison

    I enjoy it and it seems to work well. Because pets don't change targets very quickly I am able to keep 2-3 targets poisoned all the time and still have my pet beating one enemy to a pulp.

    Things I like about the build
    -With Apply Poison and Feral Lunge there is a constant -7 degen
    -Once the target hits 50% health Brutal Strike and Enraged Lunge back to back hit for ~200 combined
    -Three out of the four pet attacks are 5 energy so I don't have an e-problem
    -When things work as they should the pet gets agro and I can stand back and poison w/o worries
    -Any of the three non-elite pet attacks can be dropped to add a rez w/o hurting the build too much

    The thing I don't like is that I have to spread points across 3 attributes, Beast, Expertise, and Wilderness.

    Edit: Lol, I don't know what I was thinking I must have been asleep at the wheel or something.....this is basically Vallen's thread over again......Why did I waste my time responding.....duh.
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    This is tough. I'd have to say my favorite build is definitely BM, but I also use an EoE Degen build quite a bit. Either way, it's 'other'.

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    GWOnline.Net Member Fay Vert's Avatar

    When not playing, late at night, I put on a running build r/mo and chill out in LA, sometimes doing a run for people, a good way to chat and meet folks.

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    I am usually rtw or kindle arrow spike. I only do barrage by request or farming as tombs kinda burned me out on it (Note I am not saying Barrage is a bad skill, please let's not get to that). One of my typical variations is spike with R/W "watch yourself" and some throw dirt for utility. Then again I usually play with people I know or henchmen...I am sure most pugs would reject me on the principle of the lack of barrage :D
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    GWOnline.Net Member

    i've chosen other so here goes:

    Markmership: 15
    Wild Surv: 12
    Exp: 10
    last 9 points in prot for the fun of it ^^
    Poison Arrow [E]
    Savage Shot
    Distr Shot
    Read the Wind
    Throw Dirt (could be replaced, i dont realy use it)
    Whirling Defense
    Rez (rebirth most of the times)

    tactics: Read the Wind > Poison Arrow the whole Mob > interupting everywhere you can... kinda simple ^^

    i use rotscale's recurve bow, custumized (els ill deal no good dmg :P)

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    GWOnline.Net Member cranialexodus's Avatar

    People actually use incendiary arrows? I play barrager or CG intterupter most I reckon, barrager as a r/mo typically for VS+res chant. Occasionally I'll play toucher or kindle arrows. Honestly, in a balanced party a CG intterupter is typically way more beneficial than a barrager, but pugs refuse to accept that. I combat trap a lot with hench, again not popular with the pugs.

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    GWOnline.Net Member Ylistra's Avatar

    Lately I've been toying with a Ra/As Repeating Strike spammer. The idea is to deal out endless damage over time, rather than trademark Assassin spike dmg.

    Escape, LR, WD for defensive purposes.
    Troll for healing.
    Jagged Strike (lead)
    Wild Strike (off-hand, req lead)
    Repeating Strike (off-hand, req off-hand)
    Rez Sig

    There are certainly variations. Apply Poison is nice, as is Tiger Fury. Replacing LR/WD with Dodge & Zojun's makes it into a decent boss farming build. Antidote Signet depending on the area - blindness sucks.

    Expertise and a set of Zealous Daggers let you hit any attack for only 2 energy cost. If something breaks the attack chain, it isn't a problem with 4sec recharge lead/off-hand strikes. Add in always-on 75% stances, and you've got yourself a build. :)

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    GWOnline.Net Member

    Full Beastmastery.

    Charm Animal
    Comfort Animal
    Call of Protection
    Call of Haste
    Predator's Pounce
    Brutal Strike
    Enraged Lunge (E)
    Ressurection Chant or Rebirth

    Pretty simple, stay behind, shot with a Flat- or Longbow and let your pet tear the enemies into shreds.

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