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    LFG interface...


    This have been suggested before in this forum...familiar?

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    hehe cool but not so doable for GW imo

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    The thing is, it is doable. Even more so than in WoW. It's been suggested on this boards in the EXACT SAME form as WoW now uses. A few members even made the effort of actually modifying screenshots to show how it would look like to LFG and LFM. I really don't know how WoW managed to get it sooner than GW.

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    They made it sooner b/c they has like gazilion dollars and much more ppl work in blizzard then in ANet. They don't make 2 games a year too. =]

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    I think ArenaNet already has a LFG interface... well not really an interface.

    When players form a team, a small green icon is displayed above the leader of the party.

    It's not really much but it just displays the current number within that party.

    If ArenaNet improved on that a bit (such as: adding a green arrow pointing down above the leader's head to indicate it is looking for more people or maybe a green arrow pointing up for someone wanting to join a party... or something like that) it would be less work and could better indicate the finders, the joiners and the others...

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    In the MMORPG Silk road there is a good sistem to find a group, when you make a group to do a mission you could advertize it and everione could see it on a dedicated windows, so you could join the group you need

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    LFG and GLF are needed...but not as much as some better version of the trading system we have now...as it is you can't find a group in any of the major cities because of the trade chat that's bleeded over to regular chat. They need to add some sort of trading interface...whether it be an auction house like wow...or something else...that needs to be done. After that is introduced then I would support a LFG/GLF interface...both would be ideal.

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    1 addition

    U need to specify for what u need a group
    Because if you are zen daijun for example
    Maybe u want a group for mission and get a group for captures son quest

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    The other factor to consider is that WoW's realm of existence is much more spread out than Guild Wars' - if you want to find a group for a particular quest/mission, you can generally go to the Outpost where that event would normally be staged from and look for people there.

    I'm not saying that Guild Wars doesn't need or wouldn't benefit from an LFG interface of that type - but at the same time, I'm not surprised WoW got it first. (On a side note, Anarchy Online implemented a LFG window interface in a patch about a year ago - shall we gripe that it got it first? )

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    EDIT: The previous post says it better, read it instead.

    Oh wow, they finally put in a decent LFG system in WoW.
    Call to Arms was great, but now that it's implemented into the game itself, it will be much less hassle finding groups and organizing them.

    Yeah, it's looking great. Guild Wars kinda has a need for that kind of thing too.
    Of course the concentrated city/outpost areas serve as a pool for LFG and such, but in the end, a system such as that would especially help PUG PvP.
    I'd say if they're gonna work on general improvements, LFG system is one of the top few.
    Although, depending on Inscriptions, an Auction House might still be the absolute number one to have.

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