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    GWOnline.Net Member SteveLord's Avatar

    at least a LFG system would be an addition that would make EVERYONE happy. no whining from the PVE and PVP worlds....

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    GWOnline.Net Member

    I think GW will benefit greatly from a LFG/GLF system. On europeserver the district system has fragmented the outpost population and makes it hard to fill a group. The LFG/GLF system doesnt have to be a global world search system as long it spans over all the districts of 1 outpost you're in. Now a partial grp in english dis1 has to hop to all other district 1 by 1 to fill it up.

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    GWOnline.Net Member MasterShan's Avatar

    How about an integration into the current Chat system?

    I did this in about 15mins on MS Paint:

    The above screenshot includes the "LFG" channel but instead of text, it is listed as a small database of party leaders.

    It displays the current party leaders, the party size (both current and max) and the purpose of the party. Includes both a "JOIN PARTY" option and enables you to advertise your party into this database instead of spamming in the [ALL] channel.

    Maybe this type could also be applied to the [TRADE] channel where it lists the buyer/seller and the item they are selling/purchasing - in it's own unique channel (without checking the boxes to display a certain text).

    • Maybe also add a "GLF" channel
    • To avoid extending the chat channels too long, maybe ArenaNet could add check boxes to display what channels you want (where would these check boxes be located? Maybe where the current chat display check boxes are currently?)

    This is ONLY an idea so don't bite my head off!


    I realise I added a "JOIN PARTY" option in the headings row -_- Sorry about that, was rushing to get it posted.

    LAST EDIT (promise):
    If the above idea was implemented, the only problem is getting players to use it.
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    Would be nice

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    GWOnline.Net Member drpnif's Avatar

    MasterShan, I really like your Idea... I hope something like this is implemented, rather sooner than later.

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    GWOnline.Net Member Scutilla's Avatar

    The PC Gamer article from a while back did mention something about improved tools for LFGing... here's hoping that ANet unveils them at the last minute right before release

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    I hate grouping in ToA...

    start group... spam LFG
    Switch district
    Spam LFG

    What would make things a little nicer...

    Special districts.

    District 1 - LFG for Mission
    District 2 - LFG for quests
    District 3 - Trade District
    District 4 - Role Play

    Then again I'd just be happy if people would agree to use a specific district to group...

    ToA District 1 - General
    ToA District 2 - FoW Parties
    ToA District 3 - UW parties
    ToA District 4 - Quests/Farming

    It could even get worse/better... imagine if an alliance could control a district. Spam trade and get kicked by an alliance member... but you would need a free for all district where anything goes.

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    GWOnline.Net Member Erasculio's Avatar


    An old topic

    Once, some time ago, someone posted here an interface design that is even better than the one WoW is going to get: this one.

    I don't think WoW interface would be as useful to GW, thanks to the reasons Aiiane mentioned, but I do think we need a better interface. The above link has what I consider to be the best idea so far.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Scutilla
    The PC Gamer article from a while back did mention something about improved tools for LFGing... here's hoping that ANet unveils them at the last minute right before release
    I can't say I've seen this. Anybody know any details?
    It's probably a Nightfall specific feature.

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    GWOnline.Net Member Moklar's Avatar

    The old sysem in WoW was terrible (meeting stones) noone used those - but the new system seems to be a wast improvement...

    *must resist bying Burning Crusade*

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