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    Quote Originally Posted by gatschi View Post
    here is my derwish wearing 15k engame prestige

    dyed black+blue+green

    Wow, that's better than fissure in my opinion.. VERY nice. I'd like to see the male version.

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    My dervish with silver end game armor, only robe and skirt pieces. I also have the 5/1 vamp scythe but I can't log in at the moment.

    Beat the game with 30 hours logged. I, too, was accused of being a "n00bie" and a "lier". Someone had 2 Anet employees in their guild and was quite adamant that no one has finished the game.
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    I forsee a armour shopping spree for me in the furture one with much much financial grinding >_<
    Awsome armours guys congrats on getting them I wonder what the Vabbi one looks like

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    Wow... that endgame dervish armor *is* nicer than the fissure. Totally dig it.
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    ooo thats totally goegeous and i speak as an FoW owner very hawt =)


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    Having trouble editting my post but here are better pics.

    Sorry, I don't know how to get the pictures to show up.

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    Here is my dervish wearing the 15k elite sunspear armor, dyed red+purple

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    This is Kainda Natar dressed up in Elonan Armor aquired from the Crafter in Consulate Docks. The Dye used was a combination of Red and Purple. Right now she's standing in the fort where the Acolyte of Lyssa is supposed to be spawning, but is'nt :(

    I recently spent all my money on my Ritualists 15k exotic, so I'm rather poor right now, no money for any of the more expensive armors :/

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kixie View Post
    Does this actually have a 15k hood to go with it? I like the 1.5k without the shoulderpads which I think is the equivalent of this armour, so would kinda like to see the 15k hood.

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    cool armor


    hey this armor is so cool i was wondering what kind it is? oh and also where do you get it?

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