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    Quote Originally Posted by RowenaFelborn View Post
    This is when my Dervish's armor was white. I miss it, and will probably be changing it back. Yes, the color may be used by a lot of Dervishes, but I don't care. I love how it looked... Wish I hadn't changed it.

    This is what it looks like now:

    question where is that dark place where those screens are taken?

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    Request for a male Dervish:

    Primeval Hood
    Ancient Robe
    Elite Sunspear Vambraces
    Primeval Leggings
    Elonian Shoes

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    Quote Originally Posted by Karn the Betrayer View Post
    question where is that dark place where those screens are taken?
    3 posts above the one you quoted holds your answer :)

    But I'll say it here too -- Isle of wurms guild hall. Talk to a canthan ambassador (Kaineng, LA, Kamadan). When you zone in, turn around and poof. Nice dark hole in the wall :)
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    only problem is that my derv's armour is black and all i#ll see is her torso and face, arms lol


    'clear' char select screen of Vabbi armour (female) white and the ancient one (female) dyed black
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    Here's my Tenebrae !
    15k sunspear dyed red red orange if I recall correctly.
    except the top : Vabbi

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    fow hood
    fow leggings
    but with other tops, i want to see how it mixes with other armours.

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    I have the legs but not the hood. It doesnt mix especially well the waist line of the skirt is quite high up, on the female anyway. So the vabbi & sunspear for instance over lap with it.


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    izzit me or does the vabbian one white look like a exotic wedding dress?

    plz plz post a char select screen of the female white vabbi armour with hood without those char boxes i needd a large pic of it XD

    oh as a note the only female armour dyed black that actually looks sexy is the Sunspear 15k imo the coolest would have to be the endgame one
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    My dervish sporting 15k Sunspear w/ Vabbian Robes dyed blue and a Dwayna's Grace casting her favourite Avatar ^^

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    Eek, i need to redye, i just noticed while doing Jokanur that i look like Melonni, especially when we both have the same skinned Scythe ^^

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