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    Cool New Npc Blacksmith

    I was thinking they have weapon customizers who can customize a weapon to your characters liking, but they don't allow you to change your weapons appearance.

    What if they had an NPC named the blacksmith. You would talk to him and pay him a certain fee say 25000 gold and design your own weapon completely from scratch. Damage would always be max and weapons are automatically customized with damage plus 20% for your character.

    The options would basicly include:

    Weapon length

    Weapon width

    Weapon primary color (affects blades, the wooden part of bows, spear tips, heads of a hammer, etc.)

    Weapon secondary color (hilts, hafts, bowstrings, other weapon handles)

    Weapon trimming- put in unique trimming in the weapon (basicly choose a type of trimming style from a list)

    Weapon hilt/other style- choose the design of crucial areas such as hilts, ex. making a double edged sword with a cross hilt or a curved elven style bow.

    Ability customization- Buy weapon upgrades from the customizer for your weapon.

    Engraving- type in a message, name, etc., to be etched into the blade of a sword, haft of a bow, etc.

    Aura toggle on/off- change the color of the glow on your legendary weapon or remove it.

    Weapon attribute (only applies to staves/wands/canes/rods/etc.) select the attribute that you want for your weapon if it is a stave, as to not be stuck with the wrong attributed staff, esp mesmer and elementalist.

    Choose number of hands a weapon uses- Select whether you want a one or two-handed weapon.

    *note- A picture of your character will appear, cape and all, holding the weapon, in order to let you design a graphically pleasing weapon for battle

    *note- The weapon will be named after your character, ex Sir Chris's Sword.

    *note- You can go back to the weapon maker and change your weapon's style for a cost of 2k each time. To make a new kind of weapon ex. a staff when your current weapon is a sword, you must buy it for the 25k cost. You may have as many of these weapons as you want.

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    Sounds great, but just out of balance reasons, make the
    Ability customization- Buy weapon upgrades from the customizer for your weapon.
    as long as it's not upgradeable to Green it sounds good.
    think bout it, if those weapons outdo greens and most other weapons, a really big part of the economy gets busted. But on the bright side, no real need for bots. If that part is balanced, you got yourself a winning idea imo :D

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    Sounds good to me .

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    GWOnline.Net Member actionjack's Avatar

    The basic idea sounds good enought. But I think some of the suggested features are a bit hard to program in. things like:
    Weapon length
    Weapon width
    and the 1hand or 2hand part (as 2hand axe or sword are not introduce yet)

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    The one/two handed nature of weapons is fixed for balance reasons. You shouldn't be able to change that, but most everything else I like a lot.


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    I should have mentioned that changing a normally two handed weapon to 1 hand will weaken it to the level of the average maximum weapon of a one-handed type. For example a normally two handed staff which has 10 energy will now have 0-3 energy a fairly average wand stat.

    And a sword that has become two-handed would be strengthed slightly with like a damage +15% added on to it.

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    GWOnline.Net Member Adslahnit's Avatar

    Still unbalanced. Which one handed max stat will the weapons use? Axe or Sword?

    Furthermore, knockdowns from a 1-handed Hammer, even though it may be weaker, would be overpowered. Since it would be a 1-handed Warrior weapon's stats, its attack rate would be 1.33 seconds for each attack.

    This would generate the possibility of very swift knockdowns from a 1-handed Hammer, with even an off-hand to boot.

    I also think that it is VERY hard to make weapons with custom appearances. In games like Neverwinter Nights, it was easy to make custom weapons. All you had to do was pick a hilt, a pommel, a blade, etc. However, this limited weapon appearances to a single set of dimensions and a single overall shape.

    In Guild Wars, complex weapon appearances are possible through complex models and (sometimes even animated) textures. In other words, to change even the hilt of a weapon would mean a whole new model and texture.

    Suppose there were 10 hilts, 10 pommels, and 10 sword blades to choose from. 10 X 10 X 10 = 1000 sets of models to create for the custom weapon feature for swords alone. NCSoft simply does not have enough time and money to do this.

    Even if we could just take an existing model and change its length, width, and texture, the weapon would simply not look right. Stretching a weapon will make its texture distorted. Who would want a fellblade with super blocky pixels on it?

    Lastly, I think that we should be able to create our own names for weapons. To differentiate them from Greens, the weapon should have a Red (or some other color) text.

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    While it is a REALLY awesome idea. I dont think id like to see it implemented, personaly. My game side says YEAH DO IT! But something gives me the feeling that it will somehow ruin the trading market and prices.

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    GWOnline.Net Member Promo's Avatar

    Quote Originally Posted by retromullet
    While it is a REALLY awesome idea. I dont think id like to see it implemented, personaly. My game side says YEAH DO IT! But something gives me the feeling that it will somehow ruin the trading market and prices.
    I prefer possibilities for weapons - I prefer to go out and play... kill, kill, kill. I wonder how many people prefer spending the most time selling stuff to playing? It seems that some players mostly spend time buying and selling - a stock market gaming life in GW - which is okay, don't get me wrong.

    It would be nice to create mod combos (not change the points of the mods, just the combinations of mods of the weapons) and appearances - and it would be nice to change the artifact/offhand items with mods too.

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    GWOnline.Net Member fire nin's Avatar

    One part of me says "YES!" another says "NOOOO!" so misxed feelings

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