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    Proven PvE Build Archetypes and Examples

    This thread is hopefully destined for the "Assassin Guides" forum, so please don't muck it up with arguments and derailing posts. Also please don't post detailed builds directly in this thread.

    Instead, use your reply to this thread to post a summary of the archetype and the general playstyle and useage of the archetype, followed by one or more links to threads down in the assassin forums that show detailed examples and discussions of builds that use the archetype.

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    Aggressive "never run" AP Archetype

    Assassin's Promise (AP) enables you to repeatedly spam your full attack combo, provided the build and tactics you use can kill each foe quickly enough to ensure that AP consistently triggers. In an "aggressive AP" archetype, you must rely on coordinated focus-fire from your team to kill your targeted foe as fast as possible. The trick is to do roughly 250 bonus damage with each spike and to regen enough energy in the process to keep repeating the spike over and over until the entire enemy group is dead. An "aggressive AP" build requires three core skills: Assassin's Promise, Black Lotus Strike, and Twisting Fangs.

    One example of such a build is Shaktiboi's A-Mo Ultimate AP Build.

    When playing an "aggressive AP" archetype, you do not play a hit-and-run defensive style. Instead, you wait for your teammates to take the initial aggro and then you jump into the fray and stay in the fray until the entire enemy group is dead. Your repeated massive spikes are the engine that enables your group to mow through the foes.

    This is quite fun, fast, and effective in most general purpose PvE situations, especially quests in explorable zones. It is less effective in tough missions with multiple boss encounters (ex. Sunjiang District) or extremely tough bosses that require interrupts (ex. Boreas Seabed), or in missions with multiple high-level casters that must be shut down (ex. Raisu Palace).

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    Shamed's Critical Defenses Farming Archetype

    A maxed Critical Strikes attribute, Critical Defenses, 20% enchant daggers, and Wild Blow are key elements to farm melee/archer-based foes with an essentially permanent high block rate. A Warrior secondary is mandatory, because Wild Blow is what ensures that Critical Defenses never drops. You can easily solo 3 Jade Knights and most melee-oriented bosses, not to mention Ettins.

    The one and only example of this archetype is Shamed's Celestial Weapon Farming Build.

    This archetype is designed only for solo farming of melee-based mobs, so you need to pull carefully. This archetype is not designed for general-purpose PvE.

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    Critical Barrager (bow) Archetype

    This general-purpose PvE archetype requires a Ranger secondary and using bow weapons instead of daggers. Core features are a maxed Critical Strikes attribute with Barrage (elite) and Sharpen Daggers to spread bleeding degen and critical Barrage AOE damage. The overall damage output is high and the multiple energy return from Barrage-based crits rivals the energy efficiency of a high Expertise Ranger primary.

    This archetype usually has room for some of the good interrupting bow shots, which can make this a useful build for tough missions that require being able to interrupt bosses (ex. Boreas Seabed), as well as general exploration/questing in areas that have caster foes that are easier to deal with if you have interrupts.

    Several good examples of builds using this archetype can be found in the following threads:
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    LordShar's AOE Condition Bomber Archetype

    This general-purpose PvE archetype is designed for AOE shutdown of an entire group of foes. Your purpose isn't to deal direct damage so much as to deliver a "payload" of bleeding, deepwound, blindness, and dazed conditions to an entire group.

    This archetype requires a Mesmer secondary and features Temple Strike, Twisting Fangs, Epidemic, and a reliable "escape" teleport such as Return as its core skills.

    The general playstyle is to find (or create) a tightly-grouped clump of foes in "adjacent" proximity, run in, apply the conditions to your target, AOE the conditions onto all adjacent foes, and then escape-TP to safety if you've drawn too much ire in the process. The rest of your group should then be able to quickly take down the foes that you condition-bombed.

    An example can be found in Lord Sha's post in this thread about beating Raisu Palace with a 'sin and henchies.

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    VILenin's Degen/Spike Archetype

    12 Dagger Mastery (Major), 14 Critical Strikes (Major + Head), 10 Healing Prayers, Nightstalker's Armor

    Jagged Strike, Wild Strike, Critical Strike, Seeping Wound (E), Critical Eye, Live Vicariously, Vigorous Spirit, Resurrect/Signet of Capture/Dash

    This is a very good assassin build for PvE (at least for me), as your survivability while attacking is on par with the average warrior) that is basically for dealing rapid, massive damage to large groups of enemies, one at a time. Enemies you attack will drop very fast, which will make you a valuable asset to any PUG group not /ragequit-prone enough to accept you.

    Basically, use Jagged Strike, Wild Strike, and Critical Strike for a constant chain of relatively high-damage, low-cost attacks. At any point in the chain, you can use Seeping Wound on your target to jack degen up to -7 so long as the target is bleeding (which should be always, as you're using Jagged Strike). With Nightstalkers, you should have 85 armor, and you will heal 27 health per hit. I also prefer Zealous daggers with this build, as you end up with +15 armor, +27 health, and 1-5 energy per hit.

    The important thing to remember about this build is that, unlike most assassin builds, DO NOT RUN once you start getting beat on. When you do, you lose all of the aforementioned bonuses and will die very fast. If you are getting SEVERELY beat on, then you can try running, but you're probably dead either way.

    I use a modified version of this build (replacing Jagged Strike and Seeping Wound with Desperate Strike and Twisting Fangs) for PvP. Hit them with the first combo, ending with Twisting Fangs, chase them down with Dash, and finish them with the second combo ending with Critical Strike.

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    Decided I would post my PvE build.
    Used it to beat factions / prophecies, did it with mostly people, not guildies, just PuGs.
    1. Palm Strike
    2. Death Blossom
    3. Golden Phoenix Strike
    4. Twisting Fangs
    5. Protective Spirit / Golden Lotus (depending on if its a caster mission)
    6. Shadow Refuge / Heart of shadow (some people -need- teleports)
    7. Critical Defenses
    8. Mending (I use Shiro's Blades)
    Healing - 3
    Dagger Mastery - 15
    Critical Strikes - 14
    Shadow Arts - 8

    My gear is all 15k Kurzick, +1 crit mask, with runes as +3 shadow +3 dagger
    and +2 crits, was considering doing a 100 hp ish build with alot of sup runes, so I have a set of that gear, but degen just owns me since monks don't use breeze fast enough ;). Running it with 100 hp worked WELL however with henchmen.

    Tend to just fight pretty offensively, just stick regen or ps on self when getting hit, and just run when I start taking too much damage. Works pretty well, I don't really die, and I tend to do alot of damage. If its not a heavy casting mission (like the ring of fire ones) I use lotus for the energy regen, and since mending is up all the time I get bonuses and such. The build is full of holes for pvp, but for pve it has worked from the noob island to shiro to the lich ;)

    My unasked for 2 gold pieces..
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    Uh, do weapon mastery values above 12 really reduce the armor level of the target slightly (+2 per rank above 12 as stated by Allanon)???

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    Quote Originally Posted by Longasc
    Uh, do weapon mastery values above 12 really reduce the armor level of the target slightly (+2 per rank above 12 as stated by Allanon)???
    Not exactly. They increase your own baseline value by 2 per rank. Your baseline is compared to the adjusted/effective AL of the target. When your baseline is 60 and their effective AL is 60, you are "even". Your baseline increases by 5 per rank in your mastery (hence the 60 baseline at 12 ranks), but there is a refinement of this. At lower levels you can actually have too much mastery at any given level and be getting only 2 baseline per rank above a certain amount. I forget the exact formula off the top of my head, but you can find it by looking in my comments attached to SonOfRah's damage essay on this site.

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    Quote Originally Posted by moenbase
    Agree. The only problem is when I meet mesmers who removes the AP hex. Then it can take much longer. Probably best to stay out of range then and ctrl + shift - target the mobs.
    The Death Charge is a pretty one in the build. But I havent been able to get a Sup Vigor rune yet as suggested.


    Mending is pretty fine until you meet Mesmers or other types that either shatter or removes your enchantment. Some problem as with Shadow Refuge though, also an Enchantment, and can cause a certain death. And most mobs later in the game will remove those Enchants.
    The trick to dealing with mesmers is:

    1. Target them first and kill them first.
    2. Don't fire off AP at the normal spot in the chain. Instead, wait until the mesmer is half dead.
    3. You shouldn't need to rely on Shadow Refuge early in any fight. If you kill the mesmers first, Death's Charge should be all the healing you need.

    Alternatively, you can just sic your henchies on the first mesmer and stay out of things completely until it's half-dead, then DC in and finish him off with the normal attack sequence. If there's only one mesmer left, it's a pretty easy fight from there.

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