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    2 of my BEST sin builds.

    Two of my favorite PVP sin builds here, never failed me before :P

    A/x Critical Tank Sin
    1. Critical Defense
    2. Jagged Strike
    3. Malicious Strike
    4. Wild Strike
    5. Critical Strike
    6. Recall (or AOD or other teleport to ally skill)
    7. Shadow Refuge
    8. Res. Signet or Sunspear Rebirth

    Dagger Mastery - 13
    Critical Strikes - 15
    Shadow Arts - 8

    Once the group starts to fight and the mob is in combo, rush in and find your target and cast critical defense right before you strike. Pull off the combo Jagged Strike-Malicious Strike-Wild Strike-Critical Strike and continue that until the enemy dies. The defenses will be held up from Malicious Strike and Critical strike as long as you keep the combo going. If you start taking damage from elementalists or if critical defense wears off, use recall or another shadow step skill to retreat, AOD could also work here.

    Almost invulnerable to melee.
    Very fast combo, does more damage than you might think.
    Easy to go from enemy to enemy in a mob and keep critical defense going.
    Recall gets you out of mobs easily.

    Elementalists HURT. Trying to find a way around that...
    Not as powerful as some other combos, only 1 condition.
    Everyone will laugh at you for trying to tank as a sin, even if it works!


    A/w Everlasting Assaulter
    1. Siphon Speed (or any other hex really)
    2. Black Spider Strike
    3. Twisting Fangs
    4. Black Lotus Strike
    5. Any Dual Attack (I usually use death blossom or critical strike)
    6. Flourish {E}
    7. Shadow Refuge or Feigned Neutrality
    8. Res. Signet or Sunspear Rebirth

    Dagger Mastery - 13
    Critical Strikes - 13
    Shadow Arts - 8
    Deadly Arts - Rest of points

    Went 38 straight wins in random arenas with this one, more than half were flawless.
    This is a very simple build, just hex the foe with siphon speed, pull off the combo, hit flourish to recharge all of your attacks and regain energy, then do it again! If the enemy doesn't die after two full strings of that combo, I salute them.
    Flourish is a Strength skill so you cant put any points into it, but believe me 4 energy is more than enough. If you have to just start the 2nd combo off with BLS so youll get another 10+ energy.

    TONS of spike damage and DPS.
    TONS of condition damage.
    Flourish allows 4 of the strongest assassin attacks to be done in an 8 hit combo.
    Flourish recharges a bit of energy to pull off BLS after the first combo.
    Very few people in the world of guild wars can survive this build.

    Cons: Not much self healing, no way to get OUT of battle.
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    This thread rocks although I don't have enough time to show my builds for Sins which work well In PVP and swarmed situations in PVE. Thanks! I'll be back ;)

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    I was wondering if the Live Vicariously/Vigorous Spirit combination had to be run in tandem? That is, would running Vigorous Spirit on its own provide enough healing? Or do you need them both?

    I've been thinking of a build with something along the following lines, but don't know if it's really sustainable.
    Shadow Refuge
    Unsuspecting Strike
    Wild Strike
    Critical Strike
    Moebius Strike
    Twisting Fangs
    <Empty Slot>
    Resurrection Signet

    I'm sure you can see my issue. The build I'm thinking about really doesn't allow for bringing both. Would you recommend just dropping TF and keeping CS so that I could carry Vigorous Spirit and Live Vicariously?

    I'm thinking the above build combined with my Daggers of Xuekao could work really nicely. What do you all think?

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    where can i get Conviction BTW?

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    please do realize that this thread is for proven PvE builds, not for questions and comments.

    i've tested a few A/D builds using vital boon/conviction/SoPL for resiliency and i found that i only used SoPL *once* during testing. can be dropped in the build.

    vital boon
    expose defenses [or siphon speed, depending on the mob type]
    assassin's promise [E]
    black lotus strike [or black spider strike]
    twisting fangs
    impale [or signet of toxic shock]
    SoPL [or rez]

    i use full shrouded, major runes in DM and CS, minor rune in DA, attunement rune and +5 energy icy daggers of fortitude just because i can. zealous of enchanting or whatever can work but vital boon and conviction last as long as their recharge times [or longer] at 10-11 earth prayers.

    it's an AP build so that means that a bit of focus firing is needed and it recharges all your attacks so you can just go in there and brak face.

    if you're a bit unsure of three damaging attacks [BLS,TF,impale, go ahead and do a dervish variant of pat's build [AP, BLS, TF, BSS/GPS, DB, VB, conviction, SoPL/rez], swapping GPS with BSS and the SH/PS combo with VB and conviction.

    i guess the dervish earth prayers skills vital boon, conviction and SoPL are the better skills that buff the sin at relatively low cost with very high returns in terms of survivability. watch out for hex removal though. it's not an easy build to play [AP builds have a steeper learning curve, of course], but with this much power, it's worth it.

    walked all over the jade sea and echovald forest in this build, as well as other variants of it.

    i believe Nanashi made a build with MS as the elite and Nai Ki made the A/D scythe build. this is just an AP version using the core skills Nai Ki suggested [vital boon, conviction and SoPL]. i tip my hat to their creativity.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Samurai JM View Post

    A/w Everlasting Assaulter
    1. Siphon Speed (or any other hex really)
    2. Black Spider Strike
    3. Twisting Fangs
    4. Black Lotus Strike
    5. Any Dual Attack (I usually use death blossom or critical strike)
    6. Flourish {E}
    7. Shadow Refuge or Feigned Neutrality
    8. Res. Signet or Sunspear Rebirth

    Dagger Mastery - 13
    Critical Strikes - 13
    Shadow Arts - 8
    Deadly Arts - Rest of points
    I ran a similar build with moebius strike instead of flourish, the energy still worked out fine, with energy regained from critical strikes and black lotus strike (although I was using it in pve). Main weakness of moebius vs flourish, is if the guy dies before you get to use it, you have to wait for an attack to recharge (black spider still recharges relatively quick, so its not a big problem).

    One other weakness is it's susceptible to block/evade stances which are fairly common on warriors/rangers...

    A note on Live vicariously in assassin builds:

    I ran a build for a bit that used live vicariously on 3 targets, (myself, and two other attackers; warriors, rangers or assassins). This generated some massive healing, and made me a great tank (even when I wasn't attacking), but gave me some energy issues, which I solved by having a very efficient attack chain (critical eye, golden phoenix strike > critical strike) and high critical strikes attribute.

    With a build like this you lose a lot of offense but become a defensive powerhouse (especially with vigorous spirit). If you've got vig spirit at decent levels, you may as well share with your fellow attackers as well, and spread it around, assuming the healer is not using this spell..j
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    I like this one :

    Golden Phoenix Strike - Critical Strike - Moebius Strike - Twisting Fangs ( for extra dmg, but i change it around) - Critical Eye - Critical Defenses - Vig spirit - Mending (for vamp daggers but any skill goes in this slot) - Ress

    16 critical strikes
    9-10 dagger mastery
    9-10 healing prayers

    Seems crap on first look but i am definitly using it with succes solo on any melee mobs, maybe not 10+ at a time, and in parties/hench its easy to use and endless critical strike - moebius - twisting spamming. This goes for PVE of course.

    Do know that this is just some skills i put in , since i change my skills around all the time dependings on where i go, but so far i like to build around this a bit. With this i barely run out of energy, keeping critical eye up and when mobs health go down to 50%, its just moebius- critical strike forever with that and critical defenses your pretty hard to kill as well.

    Just try it out and work around it, its working out well for me.

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    Ate's Fox's Promise

    At the moment I am playing a lot in the Realm of Torment to gather some Lightbringer Points and I am very happy with the following setup for my Assassin :)

    Ate's Fox's Promise

    Dagger mastery 12+1 (13)
    Shadow arts 6+1 (7)
    Critical strikes 11+3 (14)

    I'm currently using Ungues of the Forgotten:
    Max Damage, req 9: 15^50
    Zealos +1/-1

    1. Unsuspecting Strike
    2. Wild Strike
    3. Twisting Fangs
    4. Distracting Blow
    5. Fox's Promise
    6. Res Signet/Sunspear Res
    7. Shadow Refuge
    8. Dark Escape

    Idea behind the build:
    Some enemies use skills that ruin your combo. I thought it would be cool to never miss. With this build in your party you have someone that always removes the stances from opponents. Good against Rangers. And offcourse, guardian and aegis and many more don't bother you at all.
    Know your enemies tho, because you get low on energy if you keep using Fox's promise. It's nice to know what the enemies use and decide if you need it for them or not.

    Have fun,

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    Here's the build I use, which I'm sure that I saw somewhere around here. It's not completely mine, though.

    Jagged Strike
    Iron Palm
    Falling Spider
    Death Blossom
    Black Lotus Strike
    Assassin's Promise {E}
    Parasitic Bond
    Res Signet/Sunspear Rebirth Signet

    Idea: There are several different sequences of attack that can be used to get to Death Blossom, and then you can use the other skills, depending on your situation. You can use Parasitic Bond as a cover hex, or as a replacement for AP(if AP is stuck recharging).

    Usage 1: (AP/Jagged Strike) -> Iron Palm -> Falling Spider -> (AP/DB) -> AP, if you haven't used it. Since Iron Palm KDs when the enemy is hexed or has a condition, you can use either the bleeding from Jagged, or the AP hex. You can then use BSS for energy and/or damage.

    Usage 2: AP -> Black Lotus Strike -> Death Blossom -> Iron Palm -> Falling Spider -> Jagged, if you want it.

    Hmm... I guess that's it. It needs outside help with surviving, but it's pretty destructive, and generally fun to play.

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    Please don't make wammos out of sins here.....
    16 critical strikes and 9-10 dagger mastery.... LOL

    As for the everlasting assaulter... might I suggest Black Lotus Strike -> Horns of the Ox -> Falling Spider -> Twisting Fangs? Then you can use Burst of Aggression's two seconds to quickly pull off the knockdown so your target can't protect itself. Damage is weaker but since you can recharge the chain so fast, just hit them right after again.
    Otherwise with that extremely slow attack speed and no IAS you aren't going to kill any decent monk.

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