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    New 15k Frostbound glitch (Female Ranger)

    Hi all.

    Was mixing and matching my armor when I noticed that the necklace for the 15k Frostbound chestpiece is now missing. Only the shadow is there.

    This is a picture from before, and on the right side one just a few minutes ago.

    As you can see, no necklace on the right.

    I hope that Anet doesn't dismiss this because of Nightfall since Frostbound chest + FoW is one of my favorite mixes.

    Not sure if this was caused by the "particle" bugs that happened around the Nightfall PvE event. I don't see how something like that would change by itself so...

    Thanks in advance, Anet.

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    That glitch is a shame. As a side note...that combo looks lovely, I have the frostbound set, but my ranger is currently wearing top 15k druids, bottom FoW...which looks....well...there is no nice way of saying how it looks...my frostbound top would make a much nicer place holder, while I get the remaining ectos needed. Thanks for showing! :P

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    What's the dye combo for that? It's not plain green is it?

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