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    Joy so we can have another monk with no originality thinking Boon/Prot is the only way...

    w00t way to kill originality.

    Look, noone will agree in this thread so plainly put:

    If your not going to take your monk to PvP, and don't find PvP that enjoyable, then don't learn there.

    If your going to do PvP alot then go make a boon/prot like everyone else does and learn in RA.

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    I think you have some unresolved hostility towards boonprots or PvP.

    You can learn a lot from either PvE or PvP.
    PvP is harder than PvE and it has a steeper learning curve.

    I suggested PvP because I figured that if you could "survive" this steep learning curve, then you and monking are a sure fit.

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    no I have nothing at all with boonprots, I have a thing against cookie cutter builds. I dspise them, people should come up with something BASE yours off of someone else, don't copy it.

    as for PvP, eh I don't have anythig against it really, bores me to no end, but nothing against it.

    but if your not goign to do pvp... then don't learn in pvp. if you'll do both then by all means kite while 4 people try to spike you to death.

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