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    getting the most out of your monk hero

    Ok, this guy was only lvl 6 but I was looking forward to this. Having hardly any attributes and not wanting to waste my time messing around with unnecessarily detailed perfecting, my more ambitious ideas go on hold. So I keep it simple:

    6 healing
    2 divine
    1 smiting

    vigorous spirit
    dwayna’s kiss
    healing light [e]
    smite hex
    mend condition
    ressurection signet (had horrible images of using a slow res and letting everything die)
    heal party

    What I was assuming was the monk would maintain vigorous spirit on everyone, pretty useful as I’m a paragon and at least 1 of my 2 other team members were not casters. Then dwayna’s kiss would be used alternatively with healing light as the most efficient heals available, perhaps heal party being used when the whole party was low on health, mend and smite being used as necessary on any hexes and conditions that came the party’s way.

    Sadly not. VS was used once in 20 mins of clearing an area – apparently to counter hex-based degen, in a similar way to how the doppelganger won’t use healing breeze unless degened. Mend condition was the heal of choice, sadly without the prot investment it wasn’t doing much in the way of healing, with healing light being used whenever there wasn’t anything to remove (on an unenchanted ally of course…)

    Anyway I’ve abandoned all hope of setting up a monk as a boon-bonder, my personal favourite monk build to play. But I’d love some advice on how I can get a monk to simply maintain vigorous spirit on all the meleers in the party, without having to manually select the spell? I don't think I was expecting much, I've scanned the hero AI thread afterall, and there’s perfectly reasonable other monk builds I can probably try, just wanted to get this relatively simple one up and running if possible. Yeah, this thread isn't a guide more of a cry for help

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    Fwiw this works pretty well if anyone is experiencing similar problems, I've felt very safe since switching over to this setup of (@lvl 8, no runes special weapons etc)

    5 healing 4 prot 3 DF 2 smiting
    gift of health
    healing touch
    reversal of fortune
    life sheath
    smite hex
    mend condition
    res sig
    free slot (healing seed for me, though only seen it used once)

    Though I prefer something with a little more synergy, and splitting between prot and healing probably isn't a good tactic for later areas.

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    My dunkoro (level 11) is using:

    #1 Sig of Devotion
    #2 Vigorous Spirit (he uses it occasionally)
    #3 Dwayna's Kiss
    #4 Orizon of Healing
    #5 Heal Other (he sadly loves to use this one)
    #6 Mend Condition
    #7 Smite Hex (he uses it happily on the first hex there is. That's usually not the soothing images-killer though.)
    #8 Peace and Harmony (I've set him to passive, and he obeys this order. Always uses P&H on himself, no stupid "wammo Koss is low on energy, I better help him with P&H"-stuff... yet.)

    Points split almost evenly between DF and Healing. No point in Smiting, I want him to remove hexes, not to get cool ideas about his smiting powers ("my damage output rocks so much with Smite Hex! I will only use it on people surrounded by foes from now on! ^.^ ")...

    No res at all, that's right. I've a Wammo Koss and a Demo Melonni - for resurrection chant. Myself, I carry the sunspear res signet.

    So far, he hasn't let anyone die with this. In fact, it wasn't ever actually close, yet. But I'm a leadership/command Paragon, so I somewhat help with the healing.

    His level is too low to split his attribute points more; that rules out inspiration energy management skills for now. It also rules out a Blessed Light/Gift of Health build.

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    I thought a hero Mo/Me with Inspired Hex would be good. But they just cast it whenever, even when there is no hex on anyone and your just standing about.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Starlet
    I thought a hero Mo/Me with Inspired Hex would be good. But they just cast it whenever, even when there is no hex on anyone and your just standing about.
    my Monk hero uses Insp.Hex to remove hexes & Power Drain very well.
    (I have a Protection build with RC as the elite)
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    did anyone else have issues with the hero using healers covenant? Like he just stopped maintaining it as soon as you tell him to cast it?

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    im not too satisfied with the monk heroes, I need to come up with a build they will actually use

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    hmmm perhaps setting the monk to passive would have them actually maintain enchants? I dunno just a thought.

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    I gave my Monk Hero: Blessed Light, Gift of Health, Signet of Devotion, Protective Spirit, Reversal of Fortune, then a res and some Mesmer E-management. Seems to do the trick quite well.

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    My monk does really well as a boonprot.

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