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    Help with my degen team?

    found at http://gwshack.us/4b5c0

    I think i have pretty much covered the bases in terms of counters to this build.

    draw condition will cause problems i think.....any1 have a solution?

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    NF just came out, you should check out those skills since you have none of them on your bars.

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    freak dosn't have them yet....... or does it last time i checked it didnt.

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    Freaks hasn't been updated in sometime now.

    I'd suggest using an alternate source for your info (our wiki is not current, but should be shortly)

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    i dont use freak to judge skill effects i use it present them.

    On topic, I find this amazing for spliting at burning to shut down spikes. send a monk and have the two rangers bleed/poison the sentinels to death. also, you can shoot them w/o taking damage with a longbow.

    once you get to enemy base you can take out most npcs without any trouble.

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    your scourge healing spread is way to easy to counter
    you have no other covers then the water hexes of the flagrunner, wich isnt at the battle most of the time

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    Don't forget the spirits toxicity and lacerate. They can add additional pressure.

    Barbed arrows can be used to free up an elite skill if needed.
    Screaming shot is a very high chance of causing bleeding.

    Traps should work well in this build.
    A ritualist can also work very well to create a defensive perimeter with the traps.
    Nature renewal to get the edge vs hex teams.

    The elementalist elite skill searing flames adds another condition; burning and also alot of damage.

    I don't think draw conditions is the bane to this build.

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    Thom Bangalter
    Drop the mesmer for another warrior for additional pressure, that mesmer is doing next to nothing at the moment.

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