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    Dervish RA build

    Having run around the RA all day on the dervish, i have to say its a ton of fun. That said, after dumping about 40k balth points into my derv i have found some skills are good, others are bad.

    Avatar of balthazar is nice, pious renewal sucks, arcane zeal isnt good for a scythe dervish at all, reapers strike rocks, wounding strike is nice but reapers is better imo, the dust grip aura (forget the name) is too defensive for much use on a scythe dervish. The rest I havent tried.

    Wind, is not good for RA at all unfortunately. The self healing in wind is not any good at all. To run enough enchants for dwaynas touch you cant run guiding hands or attackers insight. You have to run featherfoot grace instead of a stance. Otherwise 3 enchants + heal + stance + rez = only room for 2 attacks. The other heals are very weak. You also have no defense save for runspeed buffs, so you end up functioning as a weak assasin.

    The AE enchant effects are not great. the PBAE damage attacks are worthless. Aura of thorns is nice but not reliable. You have to wait until they stop to cast it. I havent messed around with mystic twister or sandstorm so I can't comment.

    This leaves earth, or taking skills from a secondary class. Conviction is a absolute must, mystic regen is by far the best healing a dervish has. You dont have to stop to heal yourself, and it doesnt require you to remove any enchants to function.

    For attacks I have found that cripling sweep, victorious sweep, and chilling victory are great. Rending strike looks nice as well, havent tried it.

    what i have been running so far is 15 scythe, 12 myst, 9 earth.

    and either

    {e} Balth aura
    Cripling stike
    Chilling victory
    Victories sweep
    Mystic Regen


    {e} reapers strike
    crippling strike
    Chilling victory
    Mystic Regen

    Now for the enchants, it doesnt really matter all too much. I find that sand shards is decent, as is armor of sanc + aura of thorns which makes you very damn hard to kill. As long as they are cheep so you have mana for you attacks or they last 30 sec or more its good. Personally I wouldnt use faithfull intervention. Watchfull intervention I haven't mess around with at all. To be honest, I have unlocked most of the cheap 5e enchants and what I use doesnt seem to affect anything. You could also use a 4th enchant instead of conviction. Counter degen better. Or bring something from another class.

    I am very disapointed with the lack of defense on the dervish. Mystic regen is the only fire and forget way of staying alive. Granted I have been rocking out with that build, but I would really like to toy with wind. But getting into mellee range = I die fast.
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