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    Quote Originally Posted by Gaile View Post
    The Design Team will continue to look at Heroes' Ascent. Ultimately they may decide to leave it as is, or perhaps they will make some sort of change to party formation.
    Quite easy to decide.

    Do you want HA to be a PVP (we all know what this acronym stands for, yeh?) arena? Either lowering hero to 1 per party or just dont allow them to be played in HA at all will do the trick.

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    First time poster, long time reader.

    From a non-biased point of view HA has been for lack of a better word "ruined." Why? Well as you know when you develop a fan-base you have to keep them pleased. Well you had an HA fan-base, we were there. While we were in a minority we were happy and enjoyed our time.

    So here comes the 6v6 change. Well you know what? You only altered the variation of how HA functions. The faithful changed builds. Monks were changed to reflect the GVG meta-game and other meta-games had to be ignored for the sake of numbers. How you say? Well with 8v8 you can create a build, like GVG, that can contain anti-___ builds. For example warders were fantastic for anti-melee. Water eles (after the smite nerf) could have come back to their fantastic anti-melee capabilities. The curses attribute of course contains great anti-melee. Then you have mesmers for anti-monk/anti-cast. Etc etc...

    With the 6v6 change you changed HA to be even more rock-paper-scissors. You had less versatility to counter numerous builds. You could factor in condition builds but be vulnerable to hex builds. You could be strong against melee but weak against casters. The capability to create anti builds was over.

    However HA was not dead. We adapter. Now you add heroes. GG as we enjoy declaring. That was the final straw, fine', goodbye. Adding heroes completely took everything out of HA. Go into HOH observe and watch 90% of the matches contain heroway. It is just plain ridiculous. PvP as everyway has pointed out is not supposed to be dominated by bots. Bots can exist but they should not flourish.

    Now can things recover? Sadly it is very doubtful. Anet I love what you do but this was written in permanent ink, no erasing this mistake. The loyal has noticed what HA became and split. Don't believe me? There is now two IDs instead of the normal 4-5 and even more depending on the time of day. Idle in ID1 and look at the ads running. You won't see much actual "people" forming groups. Now onto the regulars. The best HA guilds are non-existant. Guilds you always see winning halls have left. Now it is almost always "so&so's" team. And guess what? So&so has heroes.

    I'm sorry to say but HA has been killed. I've played HA for over a year and loved it. Now I just frown at what has become. GVG is still perfect, HA is now deceased.

    Gaile, I'm not even sure what this post stands for except a leak of thoughts onto a concrete medium. However you need to know that HA has become not only a PVE arena but the faithful are gone. HA is now the lowest facet of GW, no kidding.

    I wish you luck and all your colleagues in trying to pull off the miracle of resurrecting HA. But this is one sorry player and I believe I can win the lottery before HA is back to what it was. But I hope to be proved wrong.

    Thanks for your input and thanks to Anet for all your hard work,
    IGN : Tommy Bostaff

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nurse With Wound View Post
    First of all, why does 6v6 is here to stay? Havent you notice the decline of players playing that arena? Dont deny the obvious facts Gaile. Around 1/4 of my friendlist left the game, selling their accounts on ebay, another half stopped playin HA at all. The remaining 1/4 is going to leave when they will get their desired emote. I know you noticed too that the number of districs is way lower than it used to be. Face it Gaile. PVP comunity in general didnt like that update. Polls were made on forums who gather mostly pve community ( gwonline), or gvg community ( guild hall ). You also know this, so dont try to use polls as an excuse. HA players dont have their own message boards, most of us were busy playing the game.. and that was probably a mistake, cause our voice wasnt heard. But it is clearly head now, most of the threads devoted to the change to 6b6 have NEGATIVE responses ( apart from guild hall, but HA community doesnt hang out there ). But whats even more important - the number of players playing HA now is around half of what it was. Everyone can see it! Do you really think the change was for the good? I know its hard to say " sorry we made a mistake ", I know its easier to deny it, and try to spread false propaganda ( vide already infamous scribe article ). Guess what, we're too old for spin doctor tricks. We know whats really going on. You made a mistake ( trying to do a good thing, granted ) - why not say sorry, and return things to how they were? I know you already lost some of players ( 3 of my friends quitted the game - and I know much more did that ). So why 6v6 is here to stay? You really want to loose more? Lets face it, PVE'ers and those who had troubles socializing with other human beings ( "cant find a team" ) didnt stayed in HA for long. The place is starting to be EMPTY. You should do something about it.

    Lets move to another unfortunate update. Heroes in HA. See, dear Gaile, you compleatly missed the point here. No one is complaining ( at least no one serious in pvp scene ) that heroes are too much of a challenge, because they simply arent. Negative voices concerning heroes touch totally different aspect you seem to miss entirely. Right now, around 80% of HA population are AI BOTS. Have in mind that we're talking about pvp arena here. Right now, in PLAYER VS PLAYER mode, actual PLAYERS are MINORITY. We play the game for team effort. Player vs Player, Team vs Team, team of friends vs another team of friends. Not bored team vs one anti-social looser and his bunch of BOTS.

    Why do you promote anti-social behaviours in TEAM PVP GAME? Isnt Guild Wards supposed to be multiplayer game that promotes team effort? Why the bots then? Why reward anti-social people who are unnable to communicate with other people and form a team? Do you really want to make a game for loosers who cant communicate with others? Why ostracize the active, friendly players who NEVER had ANY problems with finding a team in Heroes Ascend? Why give all the cookies to those who hate other people or are scared of them, and thus are unnable to form a friendlist and find a team?

    All the rank discrimination problem is compleatly non-existant. Its not an issue at all. Everyone was rank zero at the begining. I'll tell you my story - I started playing the game very, very late ( january 2006 ), I started pvp'ing around may 2006 - when there already were r12 people and all the social network of PVP players was already created. I was complete newcomer. But still, being rank ZERO I was able to find some friends and quickly build a large group of friends. Right now I'm very close to rank 9. Not because I grinded day and night. Just because I wanted to TRY, and I wasnt afraid of other human beings. Just because I like other people and I like to play with people. When you're nice person, who is able to communicate and socialize with others, rank isnt a problem. I won the HOH for the first time when I was rank ONE monk, monking for rank NINE PLUS team ( kudos to Almas Darksoul and old British Bulldogs [DOGS] crew ). Rank discrimination? Where???

    Lets face it - those who moan that they are being discriminated because of their low rank are people I personally despise. Because those are people who doesnt want to give anything from themselves, they want everything being served to them. They dont even try to make friends, they are most likely close-minded hermits, or just plain vulgar, primitive people, unnable to exist in the human society. The key to finnding a team, is to have an ability to make friends, to socialize. Thats the whole secret.

    With the changes you've made, you destroyed Heroes Ascend for the active, evolving and friendly community of dedicated PVP players. You KILLED THE WHOLE FUN FOR US. You decided to listen to the whining rants of those antisocial people. People who cant make any friends, people who are unnable to work with others, people who doesnt want to learn and listen. Is that your customer target? Is that the community you want to have in this game? But isnt that supposed to be a TEAM GAME? Where group of friends is fighting with another group of friends?

    Let me rephrase. HA is supposed to promote high-level, highly competetive PVP. HA is NOT about FIGHITING AGAINST BOTS. I want to face other people, not dumb AI. Why have you removed the high-end pvp arena from the game? Any reasons?

    I hope you really listen to PVP players on this one. I really do.... The changes still can be undone.

    Sorry for my imperfect english, Gaile Gray. Its not my native language.

    Rank discrimination does exist....9 out of 10 pvp'ers can tell you that about hero ascent. You was lucky enough to be able to play as a monk. Guess what they are high demand so getting a group for you is not even a problem alot of my friends are monks for that reason. I'm r4 now didn't bother doing ha for several months after joining an active guild and my focus has been gvg. Only heroed ascent recently because I wanted to farm balthz faction...got pissed off because of 6v6 change but realized there was alot more noobs so oh well, quickest 10k faction I gained...

    I say this again. The "experienced players" with their emotes and social circles have been hiding their heads under a very large rock. Considering that I am one of them I'm surprised that I was enough of an outsider to notice 4 district full of unhappy people who watched me go into hero ascent only to shortly be joined by guildies and friends in a matter of seconds. Pretend like me, you and the other 10% of the guild wars pvp community are the only thing that matters. EVeryone else is dancing in the streets. The old ha is dead. It was garbage. Nothing really elite about it. And it has been dead and rotting since the day you played it(was that back in May I believe?). Get over it.

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    I'm sorry but I have to disagree with the 8v8 vs 6v6 debate, you should always be able to counter if it be 6 or 8 it really shouldn't matter, and should never be a case of you've won exiting the gate, no matter what, the only time that should ever come is if you 1v1, other wise it should always be who ever has the most skill, (apparently according to anet).

    But I digress, one of my guild members from [ANZ] won halls the other day, first time any [ANZ] member ever has, while we was over joyed and proud of it, when we watched obs to find, that in fact the member was using henchmen I have to say it took quite a bit of pride away, or sense of accomplishment.

    Of course you realize if we somehow manage to get this idea over turned, we've got another fight on our hands after that?, that's right getting them out of GvG!

    Random Arena - N/A
    Team Arena - Yes
    Hero's Ascent - Absolutely Not
    Ranked Guild vs Guild - Absolutely Not
    Unranked Guild vs Guild - Yes
    Hero's vs Hero's - N/A
    Alliance Battles - Yes
    Scrimmages - Yes
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gaile
    The Design Team will continue to look at Heroes' Ascent. Ultimately they may decide to leave it as is, or perhaps they will make some sort of change to party formation.
    The design team actually thinks changing it to 6v6 AND turning it into Hero vs Hero Arena v2 was a great idea? And may keep it that way?

    How is a party formation option going to help now? Make it easier for people to choose their Heroes? No one's going to form groups, even if you do make a LFG system. They'll continue to use thier bots.

    The design team really needs to learn to design games. That is what they're paid for, right?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bacon View Post
    The design team actually thinks changing it to 6v6 AND turning it into Hero vs Hero Arena v2 was a great idea? And may keep it that way?

    How is a party formation option going to help now? Make it easier for people to choose their Heroes? No one's going to form groups, even if you do make a LFG system. They'll continue to use thier bots.

    The design team really needs to learn to design games. That is what they're paid for, right?
    Actually no, you paid for a game they design you *MUST* endure all manner of nerfs, and changes to the game and like it, and thinks it's the best thing ever! because ultimately (' like removing the favor system ') any hard choices that require actual work, will get side lined, because... from what I can gathered from the 'make of' dvd, they have no clue which direction they want to focus this game other than, they want to focus it there way and no one elses, so in other words you paid for game to be dictated too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wuzzman View Post
    .......Rank discrimination does exist........I'm r4.........The "experienced players" with their emotes and social circles..........I am one of them.......

    ROFL!!!!!! If nothing else you gave me a good laugh. The rest of your post doesn't even deserve a reply.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Djinn Effer View Post
    ROFL!!!!!! If nothing else you gave me a good laugh. The rest of your post doesn't even deserve a reply.
    yep I kind of stopped reading when I saw R4 (sarcasm)

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    The post from wuzzman is another example of someone that doesnt care about ha and thinks its garbage, yet manages to have an opinion on it, seemingly revelling in whats happening to it.

    Why do you even post if thats how you feel wuzzman ? why dont you just go and pve or gvg or whatever it is that YOU prefer to do and leave us to try to get our voices heard about what WE prefer to do ?

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    Show me the statistical evidence that the majority of players disliked the 6v6 change. I've been playing HoH since the beginning, and me and 90% of players I know liked the change. Everybody was complaining before about how boring HA was before the change, then a change was made and there was still complaining. Get over it. The only people complaining about the change were those that had a core team anyways, and that was the vast minority. The majority of people spent their hours spamming LFG in the chat for 1-2 runs.

    The allowance of heros is definately different though. 90% of players I know dislike it. Like I said before, I have mixed thoughts on the issue. Henchies were always allowed in HA, why are people complaining about heros now? I guess the reason is their popularity and turning the place into heroland which I can understand. I don't mind fighting the occasional hero, but every match is obsurd. I'd say put some kind of limit on heros in HA for sure.

    But yea if Anet wanted to fix HA back up, they would do something about heros (probably remove them) and add a good party forming system. Those are probably the main concerns atm.

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