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    Survivor Title - Noobie Island

    Alrighty then, failed 3 times on Survivor, and all of em were unforced errors. 1) Lag. 2) PuG Monk didn't know how to monk. 3) [Okay maybe this was an actual error] Didn't see the Flame Trap thing and it killed me within 2 seconds.

    But! I know the build I was using worked pretty well, and I'd like to share it with you guys. Also, I'd like it if you could share your Paragon builds to get outta Noobie Island.

    Split points between Motivation and Leadership, and try to make Leadership and even number. Tactics - Leftover points.

    Anthem of Flame
    Aria of Restoration
    Ballad of Restoration
    Watch Yourself!
    Leader's Comfort
    Signet of Synergy
    Mending Refrain
    Sunspear Rebirth Sig

    So it was basically Koss and Melonni tearing it up in front, with me and Dunkaro shouting/casting in the back. Seemed, to work, but something felt lacking. No idea what it was, any input?

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    Where did you get ballad of restoration?

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    'Twas unlocked in PvP. So, I just bought it from the skills trainer. From what I've heard, you cannot get skills from quests.. only experience (LOTS of it). So, the only other option is to BUYBUYBUY!

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    I know, but where did you buy it from?

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    GWOnline.Net Member wingzro's Avatar

    lost my chance at survivors at consulate docks mission. lagged and the next thing I new I had a sliver of health left, then dead.

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    GWOnline.Net Member Protege's Avatar

    survivor title is easiest if you set up your hero's well. From the get go I set all my hero's ranger secondary and got them all pets. Each hero carries a global pet buff like call of haste and call of protection and my monk hero has revive animal so nobody has to bring a pet res but him. I have a pet too so even when i'm in the 4 man only areas I still have 8 characters when you include pets. I even did most of newb island with only my hero's and myself and didn't die. With the ranged attack of paragons and an army of pets ahead of you survivor title isn't all that hard.

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    I was up to Lvl 15 on mine when while trying to capture Ironfist for the quest "The Iron Truth" when he killed me for the first time. The part that made me mad was I was above 50% health at the time and the next thing I know is I'm dead.

    Thankfully one of his henches dropped a White Dye to make up for it.

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    I'm level 12 (almost level 13) at the moment, and I JUST finished Jokanur Diggings. With any luck, I'll be able to reach Survivor before I leave Istan.

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    Ah, things to watch out for: PUGS, and bosses. Oh, and the consulate mission? Don't do it without an MM with you. Not only because its easier, but because its WAY WAY FUN!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Artemis Shadowhawk View Post
    I know, but where did you buy it from?
    I believe that if it was unlocked via PvP, you can buy it from ANY skill trainer.

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