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    Official Paragon Armor thread

    Ok, so I went through the threads we had so far and scavenged images. I've copied the pictures here and attributed them to the prople who originally posted them. If you're just looking for an example of what a particualr "type" of armor looks like, I suspect that the GWO Wiki is the place to go. Check here for colors, mixes etc.

    The former threads will be remaining closed. Please post armor pictures in this thread only.

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    Originally posted by Orodreth Telemnar
    5k Armor from Kodash Bazaar

    10K Armor

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    Originally posted by Sentential
    This is 5k Vabbian Armor:

    Please note that it has an updated Leadership crest

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    Originally posted by Phantomlove
    My Paragon in 5k Vabbian Armor (dyed gold).


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    Fissure of Woe Armor originally posted by Deus Invictus
    FoW armor:

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    Originally posted by Drec Sutal
    Ok, here's the paragon headpiece. Its just a crecent moon made of broken pieces of obs shards. I've dyed the rest orange+yellow.

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    Originally posted by Aisha Heavens

    Here is my paragon... its Elite Sunspear armor (15K) dyed Black... this pic does not make it justice, ingame is even sweeter :D

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    Originally posted by Carlos Ray Norris Junior

    My Paragon, Commander Zio, wearing his new 15k Sunspear dyed red!

    It was dyed silver for a few mins then I decided it was boring so red was the next best thing.

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    Originally posted by Kirsty Kriss
    Here's the 15k Female Medieval Armor, dyed yellow:

    Guess it's ok but I think I prefer the 5k Vabbi Armor:

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    is there someone who has 10k vabbian?

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