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    Color's nice too!

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    Could someone show me

    Obby Top
    Norn Bottoms
    Obby Gloves
    Obby Shoes

    Please ^^;

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    Colours don't really match, but here's the combination for female:


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    Thank you

    That looks really nice :)

    I just dont know wheter to get the Paragon Obby or the Paragon Norn (Female)

    I like that Mix alot..

    Does anyone have the full norn set in a different colour other than yellow (since thats the one on wiki) i would like to see it in a different colour. My paragon has dark-purple hair so it will properlly be anything from blue-pink (i mix the dyes alot)

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    Norn Dyed Silver/Blue mix and Pink on Chest/Bottom in dye menu:


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    And then just this one:

    Winged Raiment (top)
    Elite Sunspear Gloves
    Norn Leggings
    Norn Shoes

    Winged Raiment (top)
    Ancient Gloves
    Norn Leggings
    Norn Shoes

    Norn Top
    Ancient Gloves
    Norn Leggings
    Norn Shoes

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