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    Lord Victo, compliments are always allowed. Entire conversations about getting armor/which is easiest/which is "best" can go elsewhere. You will get your compliments, This has just been an ongoing issue in this thread which has nothing to do with you. Paragon's apparently can't stay on topic and need occasional reminders to "Behave themselves!"

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    Armor is finished, Dwarven Top and Skirt, Asuran Gloves, and Obsidian Boots, Have Vabbi Crest, but its blue and doesnt match so turned off XD

    (P.S: Thank you Victo) moderator cant see whats in ()'s ^.-
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    Quote Originally Posted by Halfblood View Post
    (P.S: Thank you Victo) moderator cant see whats in ()'s ^.-
    Want to bet on that!

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    Got my paragon her FoW armor after reaching LS
    altough, i like it in grey aswell, so not sure if this color will last long ^^

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    oh, I'm your twin !

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    Finally found an armour combination I'm satisfied with. It's quite dark and I really like it. Norn woad, top and bottom. Ancient gloves and shoes. Gloves and woad red; rest black.

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    i got my little Feline a new toy. It's so sparkly!

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    My paragon with its new Monument armour and Tengu set :

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    Newly purchased about 10 minutes ago. Was a toss-up between this and my female Ele. As he gets more attention and I like a few of the Elites for female Ele I thought, "Why not?"

    Dyed simple silver for now. Will probably stick with it for a while. (I actually really like it in grey, also.)
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    My new mix <3

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