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    Quote Originally Posted by Berethor Arising View Post
    This is my Paragon, dyed his armor pink to get an unique apperance

    This pic makes your Paragon look like he's playing for the wrong team (especially with the pink armor). :)

    Quote Originally Posted by Nemesis Xero View Post
    Got Morrigan a new piece of armor :)

    What sword is that? I don't think I've seen that one before.
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    Quote Originally Posted by vader View Post
    What sword is that? I don't think I've seen that one before.
    I think it's an Ornate Scimitar, dyed black.

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    My first paragon (made last week) with a rather spiffy ancient shield obtained courtesy of Kahlan's super-sale in the trade forum.

    The shield decoration looks like it's made from a combination of ivory and giant tarantula parts.
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    SO. i was wondering if anyone could post up a pic of a female para wearing this: chest=vabbi // arm=cheep sunspear // leg=norn // feet= ancient or fow

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Praetorian View Post
    I think it's an Ornate Scimitar, dyed black.
    Yes it's an ornate scimitar, got a few of those, I really like the look of it :p especially dyed black. Shak-Jarin's sword has the same skin too.
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    Got Fow for my Paragon, thanks to the generosity of DVDF.

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    Jade Quarry

    Blinkie Ponie Armie [BPA]

    The latest addition to my ever-growing wardrobe.

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    My Paragon Aria Angelsong who is just 8 days old.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zonkie View Post
    Tnx :) Couldn't get it to look right though so went for the old black to match my new equipment :)
    Define "old black". Dye was changed back when Nightfall was released, usually when someone says their armor is dyed "Old Black" it means Black dye before the change. That cannot be the case here... so I have to wonder if you mean one of the dye combos that allows you to get a color similar to how the old black looked, or if it's just odd wording and that's actually the current way that black dye looks on that armor.

    I ask, because I'm planning to get that armor soon. I just recently deleted my old survivor Paragon, and remade her with a new look. After a tiny bit more work this weekend I hope to get that armor set for her, but I'm curious about how black dye looks on it.

    Also looking around I'm finding very very few female Paragons with glasses, and none with the blindfold... I'm curious about getting these as well, but wonder how they look. If anyone can help out I'd be thankful, especially if you have them on a female Paragon with the same hairstyle as the one in the image above. Thanks.

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    Also looking around I'm finding very very few female Paragons with glasses, and none with the blindfold...
    I think anything that can make a Paragon look remotely like Kormir is a big Paragon fashion faux-pas.

    It's a slippery slope, I tell you! First it's the blindfold, then you'll be screaming "Incomming!" at the most inappropriate of moments!


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