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    Quote Originally Posted by upier View Post
    Listen to the man.
    Seriously mother****ers, LISTEN TO HIM!
    I almost puked yesterday after seeing an UGLY female warrior with chaos gloves, fow top, vabbi skirt, fow shoes!
    I was like girlfriend, no, no, no, no.

    Anyway - to get a bit on topic - LOVE the look B! It almost makes me want to play my guy again a bit.
    Just almost!
    He's had his hair cut too!


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    Quote Originally Posted by Reality Impaired View Post
    He's had his hair cut too!


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    GWOnline.Net Member Aoi Enishi's Avatar


    A nicer pic in my gallery. Dinnertime!

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    Elite Sunspear Top
    Elite Sunspear Gloves
    Ancient Legs
    Norn Boots
    Draconic Aegis
    Spear of the Hierophant (Not quite rich enough for a Voltaic spear :P)

    Norn dyes slightly differently than the rest of the set, it easily dyes hot pink. It wasn't as simple for the rest of it :(

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    My new wep set

    My paragon that i posted a while back, but now with a black Voltaic Spear and black Darkwing Defender:)

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    GWOnline.Net Member sTrd's Avatar


    I use this on my Para and i like it :)

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    Quote Originally Posted by sTrd View Post

    I use this on my Para and i like it :)
    Very cute!

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    Aurora Glade


    The White Mantle cape fits a lot of the "white" para armours very well and with a little dye job, it doesn't look too "Mantle" anymore.

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    hey, how do i post a pic?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr Skizz View Post
    hey, how do i post a pic?
    Try here...

    Probably more detail than you need, but still useful.

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