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    Paragon in FOW...how?

    How can we get our Paragon to FOW? Do we have to go back to Tyria, then ascend our Paragon? I saw some postings with FOW armor. How do they get to FOW so quickly?


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    Basically, yes.

    I don't know how you gain access from Elona to Tyria, but I know that they would have made it possible. So, figure out how to do it, fight your way to ToA & I think you are good to go. It is my understanding that if you have beaten a given chapter, that you are "ascended" but that isn't confirmed. Worst case, run thru the desert missions & then you are good to go.

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    There's a ToA-type place in Elona as well, just like there was one in Cantha.

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    I haven't played very far in Nightfall yet, but:

    There should be a FoW/UW entry point from Elona too, yes? There is one in Cantha. This should mean that you dont have to go to Tyria to get to FoW.
    And is there not an Elonian equivalent of Ascended/Closer to the stars?

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    Yes, there is an Elonan equivalent to ToA in Vabbi.

    But I can't remember what it's called.

    Edit: Chantry of Secrets perhaps?
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    Tyria - Temple of Ages

    Cantha - Zin Ku Corridor

    Elona - Chantry of Secrets

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    I dont think there is an Ascending in Elona. When I went to the Battle Isles to try to change my secondary I was told I must ascend/Closer to the Stars however after unlocking Sunspear Sanctuary there is a Profession charger that allows it.

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    If you come to Chantry you are automatic ascended, just like in NF, when you have done Napuih quarter you are ascended..

    But i think ToA is the place to be to get some good teams for Fow/Uw,since Zin ku corridor (in cantha) was the half of the time empty, and you see alot of people looking for teams in Temple of ages

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