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    Paragon Hero Group

    One of the big key features of Nightfall is the use of Heroes and making them compliment both the player and the group.

    I've been struggling over the three most ideal Heroes to bring with a Paragon. Therefore, I was wondering if you guys had any good Hero choices and builds that truly complimented your Paragons or that your Paragon compliments.

    Also, I'd like to note that I am not just asking which three Heroes you think are the best, but which three Heroes are the best with a Paragon and how to make them the best. I've been trying to work something out with General Morgahn to best synergize chants and shouts along with finales, but I haven't come up with anything too useful. Also, although the Master of Whispers is awesome when played as a MM, a Paragon doesnt really add anything as it seems all chants and shouts were specifically worded to omit them affecting minions (with the exception of Go for the Eyes!).

    I haven't found anything too exceptional of note and I am still working on fully utilizing Morgahn, but I do have a few ideas that I want to test before posting. However, if you guys have found anything useful, please post it.

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    GWOnline.Net Member

    The key here is to look at your Paragon skills and then bring Heroes to complement it (or the other way around, depending on your point of view).

    For example, suppose that you're focusing primarily on Motivation. You work mostly as a support/healer in this role. If you bring lots of spellcaster Heroes, bringing multiple Arias (chants that work whenever an ally uses a spell) will work best. For example, I bring Aria of Zeal and Aria of Restoration, chants that give energy and health respectively, and spam them whenever they become available. You may want to consider bringing a spell (from your secondary, since Paragons don't get spells of their own) of your own to cash in on your own chants.

    On the other hand, if you're a Command Paragon, you're a damage booster like an Orders necro. Bring lots of attack characters like warriors or rangers, and bring multiple Anthems (chants that work whenver an ally uses an attack skill) to increase the damage that your allies can push out.

    Dervishes (and to a lesser extent, assassins) are kind of a special case because they rely heavily upon both spells AND attack skills. A mixture of various chants works best for them. Dervishes can be a bit on the squishy side, so I find that going Motivation works best for them.

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    I go Motivation, Sogolon goes Command. He takes Burning Finale, I take Final of Restoration. Oh, and I shotgunned Watch Yourself! hahahaha. Its a good team

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    I had an awesome idea, but I need Magdrid the Sly to do it and I got Master of Whispers instead. So, I guess I need to beat the game before I can start working on this.

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    What was the idea? Tell!

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    I wanna test it before posting it, plus I have noticed a few flaws with it that need to be tweaked.

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    Go all physical attackers and bring shouts/chants/arias that trigger on attack skills.

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    So does anyone have any specific builds with Heroes and skills used or just general ideas and rules of thumb?

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    GWOnline.Net Member requinox's Avatar

    Right now I'm having fun with a "They're on Fire!" Hero Set-up.

    Para (Me) - They're on Fire! (+whatever other build you want to use, but you'll need high leadership)
    Olias (Necro) - MM Setup
    Jin (Ranger)- Conjure Fire, Barrage, Fiery bow string, interrupts of your choice if you want
    Zhed (Ele)- Fire Attunement, Glyph of Lesser Energy, Searing Flames [E], Mark of Rodgort

    Basically all the mobs are on fire all the time :D (and minions as meat shields) The result: Amazing damage reduction powers and damage!

    I imagine it would work equally well if not better with Sousuke instead of jin so you have two searing flamers. Feel free to swap Olias with any other hero that suits your tastes. I guess you can use Sousuke when you get both him and Jin together when you finish the game. You could also simply include another spell caster to use searing flames. A mesmer would be a good choice due to the four pips of energy regen.

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    Nice Build. That's a nice way of spreading burning that I hadn't thought of yet. I only wish I had more elementalist skills to make it happen.

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