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    Idea for Elemental Weapons: seperation

    Just a very minor idea to play around it....

    Split the elemental weapon type into two kind

    1) an Elemental Attribute Weapon: Which are usually physical weapons like sword, axe, hammer, bow, etc, that have elemental/light/dark/chaos property attach to them. But differnt from what we have now, they will also do physical damage. That mean their total damage power is split 50/50, and half of it will be phsycial damage, and another half be magical.

    2) an Elemental Weapon: Usually magical weapons, like wand and staff, but also certain melee weapons, like Chaos Axe and Dragon Sword, etc. Their damage will counted entirely as magical.

    So one would read "fire attribute sword", and another be "fire sword".

    Why is it needed? It just feel make more sense to have a weapon that have the typical skill (make of steel or wood or bone) to still do physical damage, even if they have elemental attachment to them, while a full magical weapon do full elemental damage. It also give more seperation between weapon types, and could have some effect when is use against differnt armor-type or monsters. (like a full elemental weapon could do less to a ranger or a elementalist, but would be more efficent to a warrior, while the elemental-attribute weapon be the opposite).

    Again, its not that important, and just feel like suggesting something.

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    I like the idea, give's that bit more viarity in weapons wich is a good thing in my eyes.


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