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    SE vs CE dance question

    Ok, I got the SE and made a dervish, but lately I've seen both the disco ball dance as well as the "coming to america" dance. In factions, the /dance command on the CE just did the SE dance, but /newdance did the backup dancer dance.

    Is the CE in Nightfall different? Can you do the SE dance or are all of them the new dance?

    Just trying to decide whether or not to get the CE on my second account...

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    The extra stuff in Nightfall CE wasn't that great when compared to Factions CE. The bonus music is not really interesting, the mini Varesh is boring when compared to the Factions CE mini Kuuny. The box content isn't that great either this time.

    The making of Nightfall DVD is more about praising the Devs and less about the actual making of Nightfall.

    As for the Dances I don't care much for them at all.
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    dfscott, I haven't checked the dances in detail yet. Have a look through the thread linked in this thread though. That might give you some useful idea about them.

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