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    There are places you can farm for dye right now. You will not see any benefit playing normal areas of the game unless you're starting from the beginning, because as monsters level their kill time and skills make them take too long to kill, for the amount you need to kill to get dyes. Your best bet is killing level 1 monsters with a level 20 character... and even then I've got a few dyes but no white or black.

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    It looks like it's not just Nightfall, right? At least it appears to not be the case - I've been getting 2 dyes per run for the last few hours in Factions; that's 19 dyes o.O (once I got 3).

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    Quote Originally Posted by nothing special View Post
    During my first run through plains of Jarin, I did get 2 blues, a purple, and a red.

    Meanwhile, a guildy in Presearing got a black followed by a white....
    Just to be sure, when you say "pre-searing", do you mean in Prophecies pre-searing? If so, I am so making a mule prophecies character just for this weekend and bring the dye loot to storage...

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    Here are some bits of information:

    Dyes are stacking now, except the one "To Dye For" dye vial, which as a quest item does not stack with non-quest items. Solution? Use it first. :)

    Double the chance of dye drops does not mean you will get two drops when one would have dropped. It means that if you would have had a Y% of getting a dye, you now have 2xY%. I just made a run and got three dyes in a single region. It really is luck of the draw, but they do seem to be dropping more generously.

    The weekend is moving forward as planned. We do not need to make a formal update to start some of our live events. We'd rather not ask you to load and reload any more than necessary for other reasons, so we include the weekend events in an earlier update and include a timer that causes them begin at a certain hour. Neat, huh? :)

    And hey, if that was a complaint about getting a purple dye, Dzierzy Mierz, then, as Mad King Thorn says, "You're no friend of mine."
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jugalo Dano View Post
    anyone else notice there wasnt an update at the alleged time the dye weekend supposedly started?
    Not right at the time, but there was a major update on the second.

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    Heck no, it wasn't a complaint about the color. All of my girls with the exception of my ranger who goes all natural (colorwise, that is) and my 2 new girls who are still in starter armor, are either purple or pink.

    *pouts* but I must have the worst ever luck...I keep listening to guildies/alliance mates and ya'll here going "oh blue, oh white, oh oh oh colors" and other than my purple in the land that isn't even on double drops...I'm just not getting the dyes. Guys, leave some for me! :P :P

    But, I think that my game instances are confused. It seems to think it's a double chance of rune drop weekend, with a side of excellent luck with salvaging! So, I can't complain really.

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    Between yesterday: played about 4 hours and today: more than 6 hours with a lunch break and still playing ........complessively only one dye drop, one orange one! Not fair ....I think! :P

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    I got a white and black today!

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    i got a white today

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    I played several hours today in the Plains of Jarin area with a new character in Elona. I didnt see a single dye drop. I did kill enough guys to advance 3 ranks in sunspears and get to lvl 6 (with a few quests of course).

    I was hoping, and thinking, that at least one would drop.

    I'll try again tomorrow.

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