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    Skills of Days 10/31: Peace and Harmony

    In the spirit of...both people to respond so far asking about it (in this thread, we shall start off with this elite, that has been much maligned since the original debuff, when people moved into Energy Drain and Offering of Blood and never looked back, but Arena.net has given this yet another buff, and one that almost makes me want to play it this time. So onward, to Peace and Harmony (for Peace and Harmony?)!

    Peace and Harmony

    Elite Enchantment Spell

    Linked: Divine Favor

    Available: Prophecies only; Marnta Doomspeaker (Snake Dance)

    5 Energy
    1 second cast
    10 second recharge

    For 30...78 seconds, target ally gains +1 energy regeneration. Peace and Harmony ends if that ally casts a spell that targets a foe or deals damage to a foe.

    Peace and Harmony can be applied to multiple party members (so long as they do not try to harm enemies directly), which allows it to output some truly awesome energy.
    Divine Favor-linked energy gain skills allow for greater power in healing/protection prayers.

    It is an enchantment, and thus heavily strippable.
    The careless will strip it from themselves.
    Energy return is quite slow.

    Of the elites, I believe this has the single greatest potential energy gain wrapped up in a single elite. Unfortunately, this maximum potential will never be achieved, as it's quite difficult to have a party that never targets enemies. The skill is mostly useless if applied to only one person, as is usually the case. It will generate one energy per three seconds, which means it takes a full fifteen seconds just to break even. At the listed maximum duration of 78 seconds, it has net the caster 21 energy. Compare this to, say, Energy Drain, which nets 7 energy per cast, with a twenty five second (but improvable) recast, with the added bonus of taking energy away from the opposition, even after it was debuffed, and it becomes apparent why was one of the weapons of choice in the past.

    A subtler disadvantage of Peace and Harmony is that since it provides energy so slowly, it cannot be used as effectively to get out from under the thumb of one of those stepdancing fellows who refuse to show their faces. Energy Drain, Offering of Blood, and to a lesser extent, Mantra of Recall, which have been the traditional PvP "Energy Management" skills all provide energy in bursts, which the Mesmer has problems containing, at least for a short while. Simply gaining energy slightly faster over time is not always as effective (although it can be more so at times).

    Back on the original topic, Peace and Harmony becomes much more efficient with each person it can be put onto, netting the same 21 energy over 78 seconds for each additional player, which can add up quite fast, assuming it stays put. The main problem here is making sure that happens.

    But with a ten second recast, you say, there is no problem in re-applying it. This is partially true. Its main purpose of net energy gain is partially negated each time it is removed. If it stays on for ten seconds, you've actually lost energy in casting it. Fifteen will break even, and I doubt many PvP folks will let it stay up that long if it becomes apparent that you are relying on it.

    There is also the potential disadvantage of not letting the Monks in question participate in spikes, as has been done in the past.

    If we move to the PvE side of things, this has become an excellent skill for parties involving two to three monks and/or Ritualists, and I believe even the ever-popular Minion Master can keep this on himself, so long as he doesn't target enemies. Support Paragons may find it useful as well, though many of their skills become less efficient while they are enchanted.

    PvE: An excellent skill IF one has the party for it. If not, leave it at home. I'd say you want at least three people who don't target or attack enemies to use this, as at least one will generally be stripped.

    PvP: This is a bit more difficult to tell.

    The Random Arena is worse than iffy, though it is the area with the least enchantment removal. There is very little chance of having another good target.

    The Team Arena improves those chances, but even with a party of fortress ritualists, that's four people, and most of your opponents will have Shatters. You'd really have to build around the skill to make it work.

    The Hall of Heroes, I'm afraid I can't comment on too much. Last I heard, though, it was littered with the mangled corpses of those relying on Enchantments for victory. Wells of the Profane fill nearly every corner, and all-stripping skills are used frequently in spike preparation.

    Guild battles I can comment little more on, as I've not so much as set foot in observer mode in months, choosing to relegate what little online time I have to playing instead of watching. Last I saw, though, there was generally at least a Mesmer per group running at least two Shatters (or a penetrating Shatter). It won't stay on long, but in GvG, considering the battle is so spread out, it might be possible to make it work. At least you won't have to dodge Well of the Profane as much. This is also the PvP format with the most allies, and thus the most potential targets. I'll anything else here to those more informed than I.

    (Feedback on the formatting would be appreciated. Too much history? More concrete examples? Leave it in the master thread with suggestion skills, linked above.)

    And here's the obligatory disclaimer that I've no doubt forgotten something, and I'm either somewhat pressed for time or tired (Both today! What a treat!).


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    GWOnline.Net Member Ragnarok-'s Avatar

    The problem with delegating P&H as your elite, though, in GvG at least, is it takes up your elite slot. And not only that, it's divine favor based. If it were something a secondary could get a hold of, it would be a very very nice support elite, but for a monk to give up an elite for passive energy gain is quite superfluous. Shatters, drains, inspires, removals in general are too rampant in GvG for this to be a skill that's seriously worth being considered. 10s recharge, 1s cast. It's not worth it in my opinion. There are many better elites to this, but one thing is true. In a party of 8, with every character having P&H on them, it nets the highest amount of energy out of any elite. Too bad the entire party would wipe, if they would like to keep the enchant on them.

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    Let's put it where the money is: This elite's strong side is that you can use it at other members of your party as well. As long as they are strictly defensively oriented. That leaves us with the typical two monks, maybe a Rit, maybe a Blood Necro, maybe a Warder.

    Sorry, but as a DF elite...nah. I'll have a Blood Ritual buddy tag along and be off way finer.

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    GWOnline.Net Member

    P&H removes your ability to wand/staff people during offtime.

    It doesn't seem like much, but in 30 seconds of combat, I can probably deal 150 damage to enemy targets without changing my gameplan at all (in other words: not moving and not shirking healing duties).

    30 seconds of 1 pip of regen is 10 energy. 10 Energy for 150 damage isn't a bad trade. It's not good, but consider it costs you your elite slot to trade back, I'll go without P&H.

    Frankly, I have no idea why P&H is elite. As a non-elite, I might use it for 55 Farming, but I can't see what else I'd do with it.

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    It also works on trappers (decently, depending on build) and look at it this way; for them the energy regained per second is boosted by 33%. Which is really nice. For support Paragons the energy regened is boosted by 50%.
    Sure the absolute numbers aren't too much, but if you look at it on other characters than it's quite decent.

    As a normal skill. Fact is it's not good enough for elite status. If they upped the recharge to 15 seconds and upped the energy regen to 2 then it COULD be worth casting if you use BOTH trappers with the right builds AND support Paragons, who could take points out of Leadership and into Command for example. So even then it'd be a niche skill, and only a moderate option imho.

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    Personaly I love and use Peace and Harmony all the time in PvE as a monk. I've tried it in GvG with success: it's rare anyone bring anything to strip enchantments. As for PvE, I use a boon healer build I came up with and I prefer putting more points in Divine then streching them into illusion. Also, you always get new energy while with the other mesmer skills it'd be later (Mantra of Recall?) when you need it now. Since as a monk I never attack mobs anyway, unless I hench (then I don't use it), it's no problem keeping it. Not many quests are worth doing anyway in Factions.

    I'd give 8 for PvE since when you hench it's harder to use it, but if you can find friends and guildies to do quests with you then you can use it without problem.

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    GWOnline.Net Member Ragnarok-'s Avatar

    it's rare anyone bring anything to strip enchantments.
    I find it hard to find any organized PvP teams that don't have at least 3 enchant strips spread throughout 8 characters.

    As for PvE, I use a boon healer build I came up with and I prefer putting more points in Divine then streching them into illusion.
    The thing is, you should have more in divine anyway. Usually maxed, prot should be much lower since it's directly healing through indirect means. But yeah, I also think you meant inspiration.

    Also, you always get new energy while with the other mesmer skills it'd be later (Mantra of Recall?) when you need it now.
    The thing is, it's e/time. Each pip is .33/s, so you'd be regening 1.33e/s with 4 pips. Inspiration skills are either: A) Energy on cast (edrain) or B) a large amount of energy returning in a period of time (MoR).

    GvG: I rate this skill 0 - if a mesmer inspires it, you lose 5 energy, and they can also spam this skill on their party. It's effective at 30 second duration to cast it on two people in the time of the inspire. If they drain it, they gain energy, and you still lose your cast energy. If they shatter it, there goes 100 damage. I can't see the use of such a conditional enchant for GvG.

    PvE, on the other hand, you can run without using any emanagement at all, so really, it can be effective, but so can healing only when it needs to be. I'll put it at 5/10. Enchant strips are too common.

    HA - I think that about sums it up: "Ha." Well of the Profane whereever you go.

    TA/RA - Depends on your team, I suppose.

    I don't think P&H will ever be a primary emanagement skill, unless it's severely tweaked. I mean, if it's 1...3 pips, or something. But, until then, I think P&H is one of the weaker monk elites.

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    GWOnline.Net Member Antillio's Avatar

    i play mostly pve and i dont think this skill really has its use there. cause there are just to many better elites to use in pve. mostly u dont need energy managment that bad in pve and if so ur better of using signet of rejuvenation or blessed signet then a elite slot that will net u 1 pip but will prolly make u cast more since u have no elite to heal or protect with.

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    GWOnline.Net Member neoflame's Avatar

    The problem with PnH isn't even as much removal as its horribly anemic rate of energy gain. Mending is infinite health over time, too, why don't people use it?

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    GWOnline.Net Member Ragnarok-'s Avatar

    Antillo, if you're using blessed signet you're wasting a slot. Honestly. If you're using more than one maintained enchant, you shouldn't care about energy in the end anyway. You won't be able to keep it up (with exception to bonders/balths aura). A net gain of +3e from blessed signet isn't worth it if you're using just one maintained.

    *agrees with neoflame*
    But, I must point out that the main people who use this are warriors, who can spend their points in much better places without wasting 8 or so inside healing to get a +3 regen.

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