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    Hero Panel Persistance Bug

    Last night I opened the panels for 2 heroes to set their AI to defensive, then talked to an NPC to begin a mission. After beginning the mission, I closed the panels. For the rest of the night, the panels were re-opened every time I entered a new zone despite the fact that they had been closed for quite some time prior to zoning. Kicking the heroes fixed the problem.

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    For me clicking the mark next to thier name ended thier bars from keep popping up.

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    I noticed this with koss in pvp. No matter what I do, if I have koss in Ha his window pops up everytime I zone, win a fight, or errr zone lol. I could kick koss and reinvite and WHAM his window is opened, so I close it enter battle load up screen and WHAM koss' window is right there opened up.

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