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    GW TCG BaR Thread

    I know I have a thread open on the Community Lounge (dead) but I decided to post the project here too! I can see the guild response overall.

    Guild Wars: The Unofficial TCG Project v0.70
    I am not affiliated or in anyway related to ArenaNet and/or NCSoft. I am doing this for fun and will not accept any form of profit, even through donations. This project is not sanctioned by ArenaNet, but I do have permission to work on it by them. All Art used in the cards is copyright ArenaNet and NCSoft and I DID NOT make any of it. The "template" used to create the cards is the Magic the Gathering template which is copyright Wizards of the Coast, however this template will not show up in Apprentice making it a moot point.

    What is it?
    Guild Wars: The Unofficial TCG (abreviated GW: TCG from now on) is a project I am doing for fun. I am not trying to get rich quick (yeah right) off of this at all. Rather, it's just something for me to do and hopefully entertain at least 1-2 people. :P

    How are you doing it?
    I am using a program called Magic Set Editor 2. It allows the exportation of the cards into a pretty good card program known as Apprentice.

    What are the plans for the TCG?
    Right now I just finished the Mesmer Skill Cards. Once all the cards are finished the game will enter BETA. This is where you come in. Once the thing enters BETA I am going to need BETA testers. Feel free to drop into the forums (link below) to check us out once that time comes, or if you just want to hang out with fellow TCGer's. I will try to keep this topic up to date as much as I can. The first set (the one in the BETA) is called "Unity of Nations" (the beta set is called Trial of a Hero) and features Guild Wars Prophecies and Factions cards (all of them). It will have ~1000 cards.

    After BETA, I will revise and balance the game and then it will be released as a Full Game. Then I will release the second set (about 500 cards) called "Evolution of Skill" which not only adds Hero / Villain cards but the Guild and Alliance cards, more Environments, etc. Finally there will be the Nightfall set and from there I have no clue...depends on what Anet does.

    However, by the time of the Nightfall set (before or after) I plan to shift the TCG to a program called OCTGN. OCTGN has an improved interface and more features and is free, but takes a lot more time to port to. With that move will come a better (original) template that you WILL see in-game too.

    Card Types?
    There are many card types!

    Energy Cards: These are used to pay for Skill Cards, and many other types of cards too. Very useful, though the stronger ones may have a cost!

    Character Cards: These have no cost, and are needed for other cards to work. (upgrades, skills, some quests...) These are people who want to be heroes but aren't good enough yet. Your Warrior, ranger, etc.

    Hero/Villain Cards (Set 2 only) These require a payment of 1-3 Character Card(s) to summon. A Hero or Villain is someone very strong and good or evil and may encompass heroes like Cynn or villains like Shiro...

    Environment Cards: An Environment Card changes the rules or stats of Characters on BOTH sides of the field. There may only be 1 Environment Card in play at once though.

    Upgrade Cards: These are your runes, equipment, and scrolls. Some have requirements or costs to be used but can make your characters very strong.

    Quest Cards: These are action cards in a way. You pay a cost and you get a benefit.

    Skill Cards: These are very useful cards. You will need these to win for sure. Each is divided into a class and you need a Character of that class to use a Skill. Each has a cost (usually) with some having Charge or Recharge Times which affect how long you have to wait before the skill works, or how long before a skill of the same name can be used again by you.

    Guild Cards: (set 2 only) Once you choose a Guild Hall (which has a symbol on it) it changes all your Characters to that Guild Allegiance. You can only have 1 Guild Hall on the field at once. Each Guild also has specific cards specifc to it which you can only use if you have that Guild Hall in play.

    Alliance Cards: (set 2 only) Includes Kurzicks or Luxons. Each gives your side different boosts and have their own cards for improving Characters of their Allegiance.

    The Rules are complete (the rule book is not however) and can be found at my site. (yes it's freewebs...another thing that will change with money: site.)

    (links to forums are there too)

    The Rule Book is incomplete but can give you an idea of how it will play. Like MtG but with a Guild Wars touch and tweaking.

    Pictures of the Cards?

    That contains all the complete Character Cards, Warrior Skill Cards, and Ranger Skill Cards, Monk Skill Cards, Mesmer Skill Cards, Quest Cards, Energy Cards, and Environment Cards. Right now I am starting on the Elementalist.

    Current Story:
    Prologue: Trials of a Hero
    A dark force has risen in the lands of Guild Wars...Tyria and Cantha alike swept under this mighty power.

    The force and energy was so strong not even the Tyrian Gods themselves could reverse it.

    Everything in the world that was bound in importance became a card. And from that card came mighty powers. Indeed, the very people who sought to become heroes, their equipment and knowledge, and journeys became cards.

    Even the very energy used to use your mighty powers has been turned into cards.

    The gods however did have enough time to save many of the people in Tyria and Cantha. These people they called "Duelists", and it was their duty to assemble a "Library" of cards so they could play against the dark forces and eventually save the world.

    However, the dark mysterious force rose and said that first these heroes must pass a series of trials before he would consider them strong enough to face him.

    "You must become strong enough to defeat your fellow man in combat, only then can you save this world."

    NOTE: Tournaments and their outcome will affect the changing storyline too!

    Guild Wars: The Unofficial TCG Program Terms of Service:
    By playing this program you acknowledge that you understand the following:
    -I am not affiliated nor am recieving help from ArenaNet nor NCSoft in this fan project.
    -All art used on the cards are either from Wizards of the Coast, or ArenaNet, however neither will display in Apprentice (for now).
    -You will be respectful at all times in a duel. If you aren't, I can't ban you from the game (the forums, I can however), and not many people will want to play with you.
    -I am not doing this for a profit, and will not accept any form of donation.

    Tournament Rules:
    -Unless stated otherwise, all tournaments adhere to the standard rules of play (starting Life, etc).
    -In the case of prizes, if there is an age restriction you may not be able to claim a prize, and will be instead offered an in-game Guild Wars prize (in the form of money, etc) if possible.
    -Some prizes if offered may require a mailing address if offered to you. If you deny to give it, you may be offered an in-game prize.
    -You will be respectful in the tournaments. If you are not, you will be Disqualified, and may be exempt from participating in any more tournaments.
    -You are required to either log a match, or have a judge spectate your match otherwise your match will not count. "

    Speaking of Tournaments:
    There will be many tournaments, with many different rules! Some will have TCG type prizes, others in-game (Guild Wars) prizes, and maybe a couple of cash prizes (small though)!

    Additional Things:
    Website: www.freewebs.com/gwtcg
    Forums: http://gwtcg.proboards103.com/index.cgi

    Expected Release Date?
    BETA: Middle of November.
    v1.0: Before the end of November / middle of December.

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    You know I've always supported it, Prince. Can't wait to see the final product.
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    I hope this product becomes available in stores near you!

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    Fat chance of that!

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    Well look at WoW... they have one from UDE!

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    UDE is a popular TCG maker.

    I am just doing this from fun and I am a nobody.

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    There are plenty of small card games no one's ever heard of. I'm probably the only person on this entire forum who's ever played Wyvern...Who knows, you might be able to make some money off of it. /shrug

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    Looks good.

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    Some people will buy anything related to a new TCG(< Me).
    You could make some money off of it.

    Great job, but I've already seen some unbalenced cards.(I have a lot of experiance with TCGs) You also have some elite skills refered to as regular skills, and I don't know if this is on purpose or if you forgot something.
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    "Who knows, you might be able to make some money off of it. /shrug"

    Can't. if I do ArenaNet and NCSoft will shut me down. It's just a fan project and I can continue it as long as I make sure its stated they made Guild Wars not me, and I don't get any money off of it.

    " Looks good. "


    "Great job, but I've already seen some unbalenced cards.(I have a lot of experiance with TCGs) You also have some elite skills refered to as regular skills, and I don't know if this is on purpose or if you forgot something."

    Point these out! I have a database of over 600 cards right now, so it's pretty easy to miss stuff in the past ;)

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