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    The elementalist is done today! Woot!

    Also, you guys get the first sneak peak at the Totem Axe using a stand-in image of a character on GWO Wiki. (you won't actually see it in-game so.)

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    I think dervishes should be included. after all, they are half warrior, half spellcaster.

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    Dervishes and Paragons aren't included in Set 1. Set 1 is just Prophecies + Factions. Dervs and Paragons come out in Set 3: Dawning of Nightfall.

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    That's a fine looking card.
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    YEs! It is an artifact!! LIke from Mirrodin!! woot woot!

    Btw does that black square mean its from some set? I think there should be a proph symbol, faction, and NF symbol! It would be cool! hehe. (and to add to that, common rare and uncommons?)

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    It is the Common (Black), Uncommon (Grey), and Rare (Gold) symbol.

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    As I work on the Assassin diligantly in the morning at 4:02AM I decided "hey lets show them a good skill card that is used in the game quite a bit".

    Here you go:

    A very powerful skill for usage. Shadow Step works differently in the TCG. While in Shadow Step the Sin can't do anything, and isn't affected by any enemy Spells or the like. Nothing except for friendly Enchantments work on the Sin in Shadow Step. However, once Shadow Step wears off the Assassin in the TCG is allowed a free attack, which doesn't count on the normal "one attack per battle phase" rule, making for an impressive barrage when fueled with Locusts' Fury and an Attack Skill. You could get a possible 3 very damaging attacks in one turn!

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    Big news today!

    First is that Set 2 and Set 3 will be released AT THE SAME TIME sometime in December. Great!

    Another is that the Ritualist is near finished Skill Card wise, then I am updating all skill cards to the changes from the last 2 skill updates, then I am doing Upgrade Cards and then the TCG Cards are done. Then I have to export to Apprentice, and modify Apprentice, revise and upload the rules and then its ready.

    I'm going to give you guys a Sneak Peak at Set 2: Evolutions of Skill
    Set 2 will add 3 new types of cards to the TCG. Guilds, Alliances, and Hero/Villain cards.

    There will be 10 Guilds included in the TCG, each with 10 cards for a total of 100 Guild Cards. 10 of those are Guild Halls, 1 for each Guild which gives their owner many bonuses, 1 of which is using the other 9 Guild Ability Cards, which are specific to each Guild.

    What are the Guilds you ask?

    Time for you to meet them... (the colors in () are what energy types that guild focuses on)

    #1 - Shining Shadows (White/Blue)
    An enigma of a Guild as their name surely contradicts itself, the Shining Shadows use the powerful Shadow Step ability with the power of divine magic to create fearsome spells and abilities. Their favored classes are the Monk and Assassin.

    #2 - Illusions of Chaos (Blue/Black)
    A guild which uses the power of the Mesmer's Illusions with an Assassins deadly force. They focus on offense and trickery to out perform their enemy in combat.

    #3 - Legion of Deathknights (Black/Red)
    A guild formed because its members want to take over the world of Tyria, they reform after Menzies' attack on Tyria. Many turn away from them, not trusting them with good reason. They plot to defeat Menzies so that they themselves can be crowned lord rulers of Tyria.

    #4 - Azure Spirits (Red/Green)
    An exotic guild which concentrates on the power of fire with the power of Spirits. Not many people believe in them, but underneath this exotic guild lies an equally exotic force.

    #5 - Divine Nature (Green/White)
    Another exotic guild who was once allied with the Azure Spirits, they use the power of Nature's fury with divine magic to make a strong and weird combination.

    #6 - Fangs of Doom (Black/Green)
    Originally a guild favored with the elements of Water and Darkness they turned away from the element of Water after the Jade Sea incident. Shiro corrupted this Guilds favored element and made them switch to an element closer to home called Nature.

    #7 - Army of Paladins (Red/White)
    A Guild completely opposed to the Legion of Deathknights, the AoP strike against the Deathknights all the time. Due to Menzies taking over however, they currently have a very uneasy alliance with the Deathknights.

    #8 - Wave of Destruction (Green/Blue)
    Wave of Destruction is a new Guild who share a "religion" of sorts made by their Guild Leader. He believes that a wave of destruction has swept Tyria as evil appears and that if they wish to survive they must harness this wave. They haven't mastered such a feat yet, but they do have the ability to install the mighty "Wave" ability in their allies which activates when you have 3 or more Character Cards in play.

    #9 - Energetic Society (Blue/Red)
    A Guild which is harnessing the elemental energies unleashed by Menzies. They are finding ways to speed up energy and make it more accessible. Elementalists generally side with these guys a lot.

    And for the 10th guild, and the only guild based on the game fully to fit in with Set 3...

    #10 - Order of the Sunspears (White/Black)
    Mostly full of Paragons, the Sunspears defend the continent of Elona from great evil...

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    I am pleased to announce that the entire package is almost done except for the Starter Decks (of which there will be many...all based on the PvP templates through the ages!) and once those are done it will be released.

    (ie: on Thursday / Friday)

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    So does that mean the filefront file is updated?

    And how would we play?

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