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    Shattering Assault

    Is anyone else having problems getting this elite from the hero trainer? I have enough hero skill points (Clearly, since I would get a different opening dialogue), I am able to unlock any other skill (even the other assassin skills), and yet when I click on this one, the dialogue vanishes as if I'd just learnt it, but I haven't, there is no text in the chat window regarding it, and when I go back through, it's still there.

    I can't say I particularly like this elite, but I would like all of them, and this one not only eludes me but mocks me as it's doing it.

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    Have you had it unlocked through PvP?

    I had the same thing happening too. Turns out, I already have the skill unlocked.

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    I was having the same issue too, I just assumed it was a bug or something, and chose other skills instead.

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    I also have this problem, he won't give me the skill! No, it wasn't unlocked previously.

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    same problem for me... and I got a guildie to try it, same as well... he was level 20 Paragon, m level 20 assassin... neither of us have it unlocked in pvp

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    Same here for me, just tried earlier today.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Malchiel View Post
    Have you had it unlocked through PvP?

    I had the same thing happening too. Turns out, I already have the skill unlocked.
    No, the only NF assassin PvP unlock I have is Golden Skull Strike, from during the preview.

    One thing I didn't have was Zenmai, so I though to try once I'd obtained her. Sadly, by then I'd already spent my hero skill points. Fortunately, I'm not yet Castellan, so I can try again in time.

    Glad to see it's not just me though.

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    When I tried with Zenmai in party and skill not unlocked, it didn't work. I wouldn't bother until they fix it one way or another.

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    I echo that I've not been able to get this elite skill free from the hero trainer either. As this is the only elite listed anywhere on these hero trainers I figure it's a bug of some sort and we're not meant to get an elite that way. Shattering Assault is, however capturable from a mandragor boss in the centre-west part of crystal overlook, so it is in the game (memories of assassins promise..) - it just takes a lot more work to get it.

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    Can you purchase other Elites from Hero Trainers like this? I was under the impression only normal skills were available this way. If that's the case, then this showing up on the list is obviously a bug of some sort.

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